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2015-Overcoming Obstacles

High-Quality, Free, Online Professional Development

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Presenter: Dr. Devery J. Rodgers
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Presentation Description: Within this presentation, participants will learn to expand their professional learning networks (PLNs) to include online modes of professional development. After sharing research as foundation for the effectiveness of ongoing PD, participants have the opportunity to engage in an interactive activity which garners their thoughts and ideas around the present state of PD in their environments. We then discuss PLNs and what the research says about the power of harnessing these networks. We’ll then expand our PLNs to include a myriad of professional development opportunities online. Participants will be introduced to webizines, social networking, open courseware, professional organization opportunities, webinars, online conferences, portals of PD, etc. Participants are able to access the multimedia presentation with links, research, videos, testimonials, and guiding data. There is also a monitored backchannel, in addition to connected discussion on Twitter.


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2011 2011-Team Captains

When Leadership and Learning Collide

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Presenter: Dave Edwards
Location: Wilmington, NC USA
Twitter: @eduk8andlead

Presentation Title: When Leadership and Learning Collide

Presentation Description: Today’s educational leader has to understand the 21st century learning process and map it to today’s workforce needs. Gaining an understanding of what it takes to foster innovation/creativity/change in schools and classrooms is imperative for leaders at all levels. This thought-provoking presentation explores how leadership at all levels can make the difference between effective learning environments and poor learning environments. When there is good leadership (at all levels), learning can occur and innovation is spawned. Dave takes a look at how educational leaders can foster this culture and allow learning and leadership to collide through effective best practices and new strategies tailored to your needs.

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Dave is the Chief Communications and Professional Learning Officer for the NC Virtual Public School, the 2nd largest state virtual school in the nation. He is also the President and CEO of Ignite Learning Partners, LLC, a new education and training solutions provider. He is an innovative leader whose passion to see education transformed drives everything he does. He works to see innovative learning become the constant, and leadership become the catalyst to foster a 21st century learning ecosystem. He is an avid tweeter, strong family man, youth leadership advocate, and when not working spends time writing and playing music for charitable causes.

2011 2011-Team Captains

Building a Uniquely Montana Program: The Montana Digital Academy

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Presenter: Jason Neiffer
Location: Missoula, MT, USA

Presentation Title: Building a Uniquely Montana Program: The Montana Digital Academy

Presentation Description: The Montana Digital Academy is Montana’s statewide virtual school built on a foundation of partnerships and working together to provide digital online learning to students in Big Sky Country. Learn about the formulation of our program and steps we are taking to work together to innovate in online learning for our students.

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Jason Neiffer
Curriculum Director, Montana Digital Academy
Information at www.neiffer.com
Blogging at www.techsavvyteacher.com
Program at www.montanadigitalacademy.org

2009 2009-Leading the Change

21st Century Learning Plato’s Way

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Presenter: Gail Dyer
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
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Presentation Title: 21st Century Learning Plato’s Way

Presentation Description: This presentation provides a snapshot of web 2.0 and games based learning which have been implemented in our school and how we have managed to achieve this across all grades Kindergarten to Year 6. We have been using these technologies for several years but it has only been in this last year that there has been a wholesale uptake of these learning resources. 96% of our students are from non English speaking backgrounds. Many of them arrive at school with impoverished language and life experiences. it is our mission to enrich their vocabulary, turn them on to reading and writing and engage them in the process of becoming critical and creative lifelong learners using technology as the tool.

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