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The iPod Touch in the Classroom

Presenter: Kern Kelley
Location: Newport, Maine, USA
Link to presenter’s K12Online Ning Profile page

Presentation Title: The iPod Touch in the Classroom

Presentation Description: The iPod Touch can function as an important educational tool inside and outside the classroom. With the increased purchases of netbooks this last year, there seems to be a push for schools to put more machines into students hands. At a price point even lower than current netbooks the iPod Touch is a great compliment to any classroom. While many schools still do not allow cell phones, an iPod Touch bridges that gap. Wifi access provides a tremendous opportunity for students and teachers to browse the web, type a response, record audio or calculate a problem. The form factor makes many classroom tasks manageable while the design of the device requires far less technical support than most laptops. The main focus of this presentation is how teachers can accomplish common tasks in the classroom, but also includes how students can use the tool for their own studies. Most of the applications discussed are free or a few dollars. Viewers will learn concrete ways they can use their iPod Touch in the classroom the following day.

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Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Email: kernkelley [at] gmail [dot] com
Blog: TheTechCurve.com
Twitter: kernkelley
Skype: kernkelley


  1. Kern Kelley

    Essential Questions

    1) How can this tool make me more efficient in the classroom?

    2) What ways can this device help me go beyond traditional modes of engagement?

    3) In what ways would the implementation of this device effect the learning of my students?

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  3. Elisabeth

    To me this is one of the most transformative of devices. I have seen what my iphone has done for me in a few short years. I am very anxious to use this with my students. As a school library technologist I am looking for possible applications as well as ways to spread the use to my staff. Now all I need is to get a few!!

  4. Chris Bell

    Great job on distilling this information into less than 20 minutes. I truly believe that the iPhone is the greatest thing to come along in years and the Touch is a close 2nd.

    I love many of the ways this device can be used by students quickly and efficiently–podcasting, blogging, remediation, extension. It really allows for a teacher to develop complex and interesting projects that really tap into higher order thinking skills through creation of content, analysis, etc.

  5. Kern Kelley

    Thanks Chris,
    I have come to think of it as an Educational Swiss Army Knife. It may not be the best device for a specific purpose, but it will do so many things it’s useful as an all in one tool.

  6. Alice Barr

    Thanks Kern! This is a really nice how to. Love the section on using Google docs and will share with admins who are anxious to start using their iPhone for Instructional Rounds. Also plan to share this with teachers. The app section was very helpful!

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  17. katie

    Any ideas already out there on assessing the use of the iTouch? Purposes could include 21st century skills, financial literacy, reading & writing, middle school leel, tech standards, etc?

  18. katie

    Any ideas already out there on assessing the use of the iTouch? Purposes could include 21st century skills, financial literacy, reading & writing, middle school level, tech standards, etc?

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