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2009 2009-Leading the Change

Remixing History: The Cigar Box Project

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Presenter: Neil Stephenson
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Presentation Title: Remixing History: The Cigar Box Project

Presentation Description: Neil Stephenson believes in the power of technology to bring the past into the future. Empowered with 21st century tools, Stephenson’s Grade 7 students reinterpret events from five periods that have shaped Canada’s current historical landscape. Called the Cigar Box Project, Stephenson’s students collect and analyze historical images and artifacts, and then use graphic design principles to digitally assemble new cigar panels, each one revealing a unique, visual perspective of an historical event or time from Canada’s past. At the end of the year, students physically build their wooden Cigar Boxes, creating their own historical artifact that pulls together the story of our country. Along the way, students encounter a variety of assessment practices, create mini-documentaries about their artifacts and meet a number of experts who support their historical learning.

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One of the exciting part of my current role is to share some of the projects that are being designed by other teachers at my school, the Calgary Science School. If you are looking for project ideas built on inquiry-based learning, you’ll find many more here, on the Connect Blog: http://calgaryscienceschool.blogspot.com/


K12Online09 Day 9 Presentations: 17 December 2009

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Welcome to day nine of the 2009 K-12 Online Conference! All presentations are listed and linked on our main conference schedule.

Today’s presentations include:

Using VideoAnt Annotations to Provide “Audience-Based” Assessment to Students’ Video Productions
Richard Beach

Using computer games to enhance learning and social interaction
Ollie Bray

Competencias Artisticas En La Plástica
Josu Garro

Keith Kelley

Ways of Working: How students can leverage Web 2.0 tools to their own advantage
Chris Betcher

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2009 2009-Getting Started

The iPod Touch in the Classroom

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Presenter: Kern Kelley
Location: Newport, Maine, USA
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Presentation Title: The iPod Touch in the Classroom

Presentation Description: The iPod Touch can function as an important educational tool inside and outside the classroom. With the increased purchases of netbooks this last year, there seems to be a push for schools to put more machines into students hands. At a price point even lower than current netbooks the iPod Touch is a great compliment to any classroom. While many schools still do not allow cell phones, an iPod Touch bridges that gap. Wifi access provides a tremendous opportunity for students and teachers to browse the web, type a response, record audio or calculate a problem. The form factor makes many classroom tasks manageable while the design of the device requires far less technical support than most laptops. The main focus of this presentation is how teachers can accomplish common tasks in the classroom, but also includes how students can use the tool for their own studies. Most of the applications discussed are free or a few dollars. Viewers will learn concrete ways they can use their iPod Touch in the classroom the following day.

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Email: kernkelley [at] gmail [dot] com
Blog: TheTechCurve.com
Twitter: kernkelley
Skype: kernkelley