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2008 - Leading the Change

Leading the Change Teaching Web 2.0 – Everything you need in one place

Wendy Drexler St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
Blog: http://www.teachweb2.blogspot.com

Bio: Wendy Drexler is a Florida high school teacher and instructional technologist. She holds an Ed.S in Educational Technology and is working on a Ph.D at the University of Florida. Previous student projects include “Kids Galore Helping Kids in Darfur” and “Many Voices for Darfur”. She is a Florida Master Digital Educator, NAIS Teacher of the Future, and Powerful Learning Practice Fellow.
Bio Page: http://k12online08presenters.wikispaces.com/Wendy+Drexler

Presentation Title: Teaching Web 2.0 – Everything you need in one place
Description: The Teach Web 2.0 Wiki is a repository of emerging web applications with educational potential. Tools are reviewed for their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and potential threats. Resources and teacher examples are also posted. The wiki is only as valuable as the content posted by contributors. The more who participate, the more valuable it becomes.

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  1. jenny

    Thanks Wendy for your interesting and most helpful presentation. The great thing about this conference is that I know I’ll be able to go back to your presentation and follow the link to your wiki. Much appreciated.

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  5. Geraldine Hobbs

    I believe that students would enjoy working with Web 2.0. The students will learn that are other ways of communicating on line. Also there are other, The will be able to use Social Bookmarking. In the ext couple of years or maybe today, using the Web 2.0 will be part of our curriculum.

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