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New Tools “Trailfire”

April Chamberlain
Trussville, Alabama, USA
Blog: http://maythetechbewithyou.blogspot.com/

April Chamberlain has worked in education for 11 years as a 6th grade, 5th grade, 4th grade, computer lab teacher and now as Trussville City School’s District Technology Integration Specialist. Along with her day job, she spent the last two years as a Fellow in the Alabama Best Practice Center where she and ten other Fellows assisted in leading 40 schools in Alabama into the 21st Century. She has been selected as Second Mile teacher in all three of the schools in which she has taught.

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Have you ever been sent to a list of websites to find information, evaluate a tool, etc. but lose your path once you get there? Trailfire is the tool for you and those you work with. Trailfire is a free tool in which the “guide” leaves “marks” on specific websites that when combined create a trail relating to a specific topic. Trails can be public or private. Viewers can leave comments and also collaborate on the trail if created as a wiki trail. Not only can teachers use this tool to direct learning with students but also when working with other teachers to share knowledge. Students are also able to create trails to share their knowledge in place of the traditional report, poster, etc. Come join the trail with other educators!

Audio only
http://k12online.wm.edu/Trailfire.mp3 (2:20min Run Time; mp3; 2.2MB)

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What is “Take My Hand”?
“Take My Hand”

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  1. Liz Kolb

    This is a fantastic resource for professional development and virtual learning. I plan on sharing it with my preservice teachers. I like how simple the tool is to use.

  2. Rachal Edwards

    I have used Trailfire for awhile now, even for marking ideas for christmas presents. With all the information out there- Trailfire is a great organizing tool. Great presentation!

  3. Brandi Caldwell

    Ok, you have now given me a new tool to recommend to all of my teacher friends. I am also thinking of the implications while teaching the research process with essay writing… the possibilities are endless! Great cool tool.

  4. Kevin H.

    I love this idea.
    I downloaded the program into firefox but it seems to be having trouble loading up.
    Shoot — I was hoping to actually create something this morning for my students to use this afternoon.

  5. April Chamberlain

    Thanks! Trailfire has really enabled me to share resources with other teachers in a more effective and engaging method. My goal now is to assist teachers to see how students can use Trailfire as a way to share knowledge instead of the traditional book report, etc.

    Please share any trail links here that you create.

    If you are interested in collaborating on trails, let us know here.

  6. Janelle Quintans

    Thought this was GREAT. I can’t wait to “play”. In the meantime, I’ve shared it with my NWP friends and on my site.

    Keep it coming—as well as the possible apps for these tools.


  7. Marie Coleman

    I was intrigued with this tool when I first heard about it, but didn’t get to explore until now! Many thanks for ‘blazing the trail’ for me – I’m going to give it a try – looks like some great potential!

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