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New Tools “Flat Agents of Change”

Cheryl Oakes
Wells, ME, USA
Blog: http://www.cheryloakes.com/

Cheryl Oakes is currently a Content Coach for Technology K-12 in the Wells Ogunquit CSD, where she has taught for 10 years and previously as a K-4 technology integrator in the same district. Cheryl is a member of the Seedlings@bitbybit group, a member of WoW2, a Webhead and a Webcaster with the Worldbridges and Edtechtalk networks. Cheryl also blogs with the TechLearning.com/blog group. You can find her skiing in the snow or kayaking on any available waters in Maine.

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Bob Sprankle
Wells, ME, USA
Blog: http://www.bobsprankle.com/

Bob Sprankle is a Technology Integrator in Wells Elementary School in Wells, ME, USA. His students have received world-wide recognition for their “Room 208 Podcast.” Bob was awarded Maine’s Technology Teacher of the Year in 2006 from ACTEM. Bob has his own podcast, “Bit by Bit”, to help teachers incorporate technology into their classrooms. Both podcasts can be found at www.bobsprankle.com.

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Alice Barr
Kennebunkport, Maine, USA
Blog: http://alicebarr.com/

Alice Barr is the instructional Technology Integrator for Yarmouth High School in Yarmouth, Maine. She facilitates a 1:1 laptop environment in grades 9 – 12. Alice also teachers in the summer at The University of Southern Maine and provides professional development sessions during the year. Alice is also a member of Seedlings@bitbybit

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Presentation Title
“Flat Agents of Change”

This presentation is for those folks who are starting out.
All participants will join our ning, seedlings@bitbybit.ning.com. Go to the address for the ning and follow the numbered steps with movies on how to join. The structure for our show will be displayed from the planning to the presentation on ning in order that any teacher could reproduce the journey in their own content or classroom area. By engaging the participants in the ning social network the conversations will continue, as well as the support to become a proficient podcaster and blogger. As with everything we do, we will talk about the purpose and how important this is to the final piece.

http://k12online.wm.edu/Start_with_a_tour.mov (1:32 min. Run Time; mov; 25.7 MB)
http://k12online.wm.edu/part1.mov (6:29min. Run Time; mov; 46.1MB)
http://k12online.wm.edu/part2.mov (4.20min. Run Time; mov; 30.4MB)
http://k12online.wm.edu/part2.1.mov (3:22min. Run Time; mov; 33.1MB)
http://k12online.wm.edu/part3.mov (2:29min. Run Time; mov; 17.6MB)
http://k12online.wm.edu/part5.mov (2:38min. Run Time; mov; 35.7MB)
Audio only
http://k12online.wm.edu/FlatAgentsofChange.mp3 (28:45 Run Time; mp3, 20 MB)

Join our presentation Ning at http://bitbybitseedlings.ning.com/

What is “Take My Hand”?
“Take My Hand”

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  1. Kevin H.

    I’ve been enjoying the tools over at the Ning site. Others should come along and do some podcasting and experiment, too.
    The presenters have done a fantastic job with the tutorials.

  2. Jose Rodriguez

    I enjoyed listening to your presentation. I have been a big fan of Bit by Bit and Seedlings Podcast. I am looking forward to your Webcast. btw; Thanks (Cheryl) for making me famous 🙂

  3. Mike Arsenault

    Great job Cheryl, Bob, and Alice!

    I truly enjoyed the conversation the three of you had about technology use in schools. I continue to enjoy being part of the Seedlings Ning. What a great network of people! We need to continue to move our teachers into using the tools mentioned in this presentation. They need to become part of the network.

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