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Classroom 2.0 “Release the Hounds”

Chris Harbeck
Winnipeg,Manitoba Canada
Blog: http://makeitinteresting.blogspot.com/ and http://sargentparkmathzone.blogspot.com/

Chris Harbeck teaches grade 8 math to approximately 140 students each year. He has been teaching middle school students for over a decade and is in his third year of using 2.0 applications and “21st Century Learning” in his classroom. With his strong focus on conceptual understanding, Chris has discovered that using 2.0 tools and applications make math fun and interesting.

Bio Page

Presentation Title
“Release the Hounds”

This presentation takes participants along my journey into integrating 2.0 applications and “21st Century Learning” into my pedagogy. The presentation will show how teacher driven assignments and projects teach students some of the skills they need to use these new technologies to enhance their learning. Scribe Posts, Growing Posts and E-Portfolios will provide participants with three different activities to do with their students. The final part of my presentation takes participants into “unprojects”. Participants will learn how to create “unprojects”. For the veteran teacher who is using 2.0 in their classroom this is for you. See how students are more creative and show more enthusiasm towards assignments when they are in charge of their learning.

iPod ready
http://k12online.wm.edu/eportfolios.mp4 (4:31 Run Time, mpeg4, 3.4 MB)
http://k12online.wm.edu/growing.mp4 (6:09 Run Time, mpeg4, 4.7 MB)
http://k12online.wm.edu/scribeposts.mp4 (7:10 Run Time, mpeg4, 4.8 MB)
http://k12online.wm.edu/unprojects.mp4 (8:47 Run Time, mpeg4, 6.5 MB)
Audio only
http://k12online.wm.edu/eportfolios.mp3 (4:09 Run Time, mp3, 3.9 MB)
http://k12online.wm.edu/growing.mp3 (5:58 Run Time, mp3, 5.5 MB)
http://k12online.wm.edu/scribeposts.mp3 (7:08 Run Time, mp3, 6.6 MB)
http://k12online.wm.edu/unprojects.mp3 (8:42 Run Time, mp3, 8 MB)

Supporting Links
Scribe Posts

Growing Posts


Unproject Sites

Release the Hounds Wiki

What is “Take My Hand”?
“Take My Hand”

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  1. Chris Harbeck

    Hi and thanks for being here for my K12online presentation. I would like to thank the people behind the scenes who made this conference possible. Your countless hours make this a one of a kind conference. THANK YOU.

    Please go to the wiki

    releasethehounds.wikispaces.com to see each of the journeys in greater detail.

    Remember that students found the intrinsic motivation to create such awesome work. These projects or unprojects really work.

    Enjoy the rest of the conference

  2. Kevin H.

    I’m curious if your students used Jumpcut? (I noticed it on one of your unproject sites) And if so, how did they utilize it? And how did you monitor it?
    Thanks for the presentation, Chris.

  3. Kevin H.

    I went to your Wiki site and was blown away by the unprojects. Some of your students are doing amazing work and capturing the creative element of math in new and exciting ways.
    I’ll have to share your site with our sixth grade math teacher.

  4. Chris Harbeck

    Kevin no one took me up on the jumpcut plug. The kids would rather use imovie or windows movie maker and upload to a secondary site. On that note Blogger lets you upload video right to your blog, and viddler lets you send really large movies that you can add comments to in interesting and different ways.

    Thanks for the interest.


  5. Kevin H.

    I understand.
    I used Jumpcut (not with students but with other teachers) for a collaborative movie project (our presentation is released on Monday) and found its potential for collaboration to be interesting but frustrating, too.
    Thanks for the response.

  6. Ann O

    I’m enjoying the presentation. For some reason, the scribepost original file and iPod ready version have no sound, just a click…click…click. I do see the images. The audio version works well. I’m looking forward to checking out the unproject sites. Nice job!

  7. Tim Horton

    I really enjoyed the eportfolios. I can envision how this could be very useful in any classroom. This gives each student a chance to show and demonstrate what they are learning to their parents. Maybe it could even be required in some cases and use it with parents having to sign off and comment on their work.

  8. Chris Harbeck

    EPortfolios are one of the easier steps to using these tools. When you spread out the learning over the year and have the students create creative ways to display their knowledge they buy into the portfolio better than just collecting and reflecting on individual work samples.

    Thanks for your interest.

  9. Clay Burell

    Chris, I just watched your four videos with constant engagement. Congratulations for the almost symphonic structure you achieved. The unprojects finale, in an arrestingly restrained way, still felt like a pedagogical equivalent to the Ode to Joy in its triumphant mood. Very cool, and valuable directions you point to. It will affect my own design of a four-year, blogging-across-the-grades “capstone project” I’m launching at my school.

    Much to think about. Thanks so much.

  10. Chris Harbeck

    Clay thank you for your kind words.
    Students like using these new tools to show their understanding.

    These same students will do more and achieve more when they control how to present their knowledge.

    The students then teach each other and the “adults” how to use these new tools.

    I like unprojects too. This years are about to start!

    I will watch with interest when your projects take flight.

  11. John Cioffi

    I enjoyed your presentations. You have definitely provided some great examples of how to integrate web 2.0 into the math classroom. I find myself wanting to try differnt things, but the academic presures seem to prevail. Thanks for the inspiration to try something new.

  12. Nancy

    Wow–I loved the parent comment you included. The sense of pride and accomplishment–the esteem–was just awesome. What a great way to get student AND parent involvement!

  13. Nancy

    I went to realeasethehounds and watched all 4 presentations. They were great. I love the scribe idea as it is the simplest way to get students blogging.

  14. Maria

    Now I know why it’s called Release The Hounds. The Unprojects sounds interesting and exciting, especially if a class has been practicing the other three tools of learning in the 21st Century. I can relate to Chris’ excitement when his students participated and went above and beyond the assignments. I teach kindergarten and I’m using the eportfolio with my class. I help my students go through their Student Led Conferences and their parents are amazed and proud of the whole process. Some day I would like to use the other tools in my clasroom.

  15. Chris Harbeck

    Thank you Nancy. Parents reactions at Student-led conference time are precious. When they see all of this work and what their student has done they are amazed. Bring in the 21st century learner and it is even more amazing. Parents love the eportfolios and I will continue to evolve with the students to be a true reflection learning.

  16. Mike Arsenault

    Thank you for sharing what is going on in your classroom. It is a great example of a teacher getting out of the way of his students learning. I really liked your Unprojects sections. I find too many teachers are afraid to let their students use tools they do not know themselves. You’ve created a great testament to letting them go! I have shared this presentation with the math teachers in my building. Great job!

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