(Almost) all our content from 2006 to 2017 is archived and available online under a Creative Commons license. Please read this post from June 2018 for more background and updates about our conference and current status.

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K12 Online Conference Announcement and Archives (June 2018)

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We’re writing to let you know as the organizers of the K-12 Online Conference, we’ve decided to continue archiving all presentations and content from our past events, but not renew our annual conference schedule. Since the K-12 Online Conference started in 2006, we’ve seen an explosion in the use of educational technology tools in classrooms around the world and a corresponding growth in online professional development opportunities. When K12Online started, we were one of the first free, online conferences focused on technology integration for teachers. While we have continued for 11 years and iterated in different ways each year, participation and interest in our conference has waned and it seems best at this time for us to tap the stop button.

We are continuing to maintain our k12onlineconference.org website, however, with links to all our past presentations and referenced resources. We know many pre-service teacher educators have utilized our presentations with students and classes, since all our content is Creative Commons licensed, and we hope that re-use will continue! Even though many technology tools have come and gone and most continue to be updated, there are still wonderful and inspiring presentations to view here that can and will “stand the test of time!”


Over the years, some of the websites hosting our content have gone offline or deleted our content. These have included the College of William and Mary and Blip.tv. Our presentations continue to be hosted by YouTube / Google for ALL the keynotes from all years, and on iTunesU for all presentations starting with 2007, 2008, 2010-2017 (We are missing many from 2009).

  1. iTunesU 2010-2017
  2.  iTunesU 2007
  3.  iTunesU 2008
  4. Our YouTube Playlists

Some presentations are still on DotSub as well. The best way to view available presentations for each year is to the use navigation links at the top of our site for each year of the conference, and then click on individual presentation posts.

We want to thank all of you who have contributed and participated in the K-12 Online Conference over the years, and have helped make it such a wonderful, annual opportunity for inspiring professional learning for educators. We especially thank our organizers over the years, whose names and Twitter IDs are listed on our About page. Many, many hours have been spent here by LOTS of wonderful educators, and we appreciate all the passion, time, and energy which has been put into this amazing online (and entirely FREE / volunteer powered) learning community.

Among the multitude of free, online professional development opportunities still available for educators worldwide, we particularly encourage you to check out the following events. Some of these are annual, while others are more regular:

  1. Classroom 2.0 LIVE (Every Saturday at noon Eastern time)
  2. The Global Education Conference
  3. The Discovery Education Fall Virtual Conference
  4. EduCon Conference (January each year, face-to-face with online streamed sessions)

This summer, starting on August 1, 2018, the two week, #HiveSummit (hivesummit.org) is being convened. Like K12Online, #HiveSummit is free and participant-led, but videos will only be available online for a limited time:

The #HiveSummit will release one new video a day, for the first nine days of August. All videos will stay open in the summit for 14 days. After that time, they will disappear.

It is important to create both buzz and immediacy for digital learning events, to draw participants and encourage people to use one of our most precious and non-renewable resources: Our attention. The K12 Online Conference, in continuing to make its presenter videos and resources available perpetually, and innovating with the use of live/synchronous events in conjunction with asynchronous presentation videos, like our “Echo webcasts,” stands as a landmark experiment in volunteer-led, online digital professional development.

Thanks for your interest and support of the K-12 Online Conference. We hope our work here has and continues to contribute to your professional learning and network connections as a teacher and educator.

Keep sharing and keep innovating! Together we will keep moving forward!

Keep Moving Forward (Walt Disney)

Videos on K12 Online Conference YouTube Channel Playlists

  1. (12) k12online16-17
  2. (5) Learning Spaces Series 2016
  3. (33) K12Online15
  4. (3) k21online highlight teasers 2015
  5. (3) K12online15 teasers
  6. (38) k12online14
  7. (2) K12online14 teasers
  8. (47) K12online13
  9. (7) k12online13 teasers
  10. (34) k12online12
  11. (7) k12online11
  12. (6) k12online10
  13. (6) k12online09
  14. (4) k12online08
  15. (5) k12online07
2016-17 Announcements

K12online Conference Creativity Strand – Join US.

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The K12 Online Conference Creative Strand will have a series of short presentations from some very creative educators. The video will be available Monday, April 24, 2017. These educators come from all over the world: Australia, Austria, China, Laos, Norway, and the USA. Brought together for this conference our videos will cover Music and Minecraft, Visual Arts, Ableton Live with Choral arrangements, Paintings and Sound Installations, Film Trailers or Soundscapes with Korg Little-Bits and much more.

THEN – Come join us on April 29, 2017 (9am EDT New York, 8am CDT Chicago, 3pm Vienna Austria, 2pm London, 11pm AEST Sydney) for a LIVE interaction with all the educators as we travel through our Creative Classrooms. Classrooms that have Arts Pedagogy combined with Math, Coding and Science (STEM), Art, Theatre and Technology. This session is a truly collaborative adventure. Come learn with us and share our passion for teaching.”

Mark your calendars for this amazing journey.

Here is the line-up:


Alison Housley International Grammar School, Sydney, Australia

Andrew Mifsud @AndyMifsud Music Teacher, Barker College, Sydney, Australia

Jane-Marie Talese @MsTalese Music Teacher, Tara Anglican School for Girls, Sydney, Australia


Lidia Campanale @LidiaMusic3 Amadeus International School, Vienna, Austria

Samuel Wright @Wrightstufmusic Amadeus International School, Vienna, Austria


Jenelle Krusak @kresak2j Tech Coach, American International School of Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Betty Lin @lietometwo Music Teacher, American International School of Guangzhou, Guangdong, China


Alison Armstrong @alisonmusicblog Music Teacher, Vientiane International School, Laos


Eldar Skjørten @EldarSkjorten Music Pedagogue, Eiksmarka Elementary School, Norway

United States

Tricia Fuglestad @fuglefun Visual Arts Teacher, Dryden Elementary School, Arlington Heights, IL USA

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Creativity Strand Keynote April 24, 2017

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Samuel Wright is a cutting edge music educator that embodies creativity. He taught last year in Korea and then this past summer, moved, with his young family, to Austria. He defines risk-taking in his professional and musical life. He integrates technology into music lessons that seamlessly pushes his students to create and compose using a variety of applications and programs.

On Monday, April 24, 2017, you will see how he has developed his curriculum and collaborated over many continents with other like-minded educators.

He has published iBooks which are found on iTunes U. He delights in creating opportunities for his students and is always looking to creating innovation projects. He has years of experience in Music Education, Composition, Ensembles, Orff & Curriculum Development, PYP (Primary Years Program – International Baccalaureate Primary)  to MYP (MIddle Years Program –  International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme)  and Diploma Music.

He is an Apple Distinguished Educator (2015). His website offers a wonderful insight to his creative process with his students, https://wrightstuffmusic.com/

2016-17 2016-Learning Spaces Announcements

Coming Soon: Learning Spaces with David Jakes

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November 14 – Re-imagining the Spaces in Which We Learn


u1-axvilIt’s not hard to recognize the typical “classroom.”  They haven’t changed much.  And while we can and should honor all the learning that has taken place in that space, students today have an opportunity to learn within an ever-expanding learning space that supports entirely new connections and possibilities for their learning.  Join David Jakes as we explore the critical issues surrounding the relationship of space to learning, and how you can begin to take the steps that are necessary to create inspiring and transformative physical and virtual spaces that afford students choice and ownership of their learning.

Save the Date for the post keynote Panel Discussion


Brian Hamm @HAMM_ED http://www.hammed.org/

Kevin Jarrett @kjarrett

Michael Morrison @mytakeontech

Carolyn Foote @technolibrary

November 17 at 8:00 pm EST. For the time where you are click here.



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Did you know? We have a FAN badge! You can post it on your web site, Facebook page, or other online site to show your enthusiastic support and participation for the K12 Online Conference. We invite you to download the badge directly from this post by right-clicking, selecting “Save Image As”. Feel free to share it anywhere and everywhere.

K12 Online Conference Fan Badge

K12 Online Conference Fan Badge

Another option for saving and downloading the Fan badge is to sign up for Credly. This is a badge that you can embed on your web site, Facebook page, or other online site to show your support for and participation in the K12 Online Conference. You will need to sign up for Credly (free) to save your badge in your account. Use this Claim Code to accept your badge. B75-90A8-3B7

You can also save and download your badge from Credly. If you want to download your badge you can do so from the sharing feature on Credly. When you mouse over a badge you’ve earned, click on the share icon. If you want only the image, simply click the button to download the badge image in “PNG” format.

Please help spread the word about this year’s event.

Thanks to Harrison McCoy (@DrHarrisonMcCoy) for his on-going support in creating our badges.

2016-17 Announcements

Discuss K12 Online Conference Presentations with Voxer

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We’re just 2 weeks away from the start of the 2016-17 K12 Online Conference! Julie Lindsey’s pre-conference keynote video will be posted on October 31, 2016, and a YouTube Live panel discussion led by Julie will be held November 3rd. There are many ways to participate in this year’s conference! Read more about all of these on our conference FAQ.

One of the new ways to participate in our conference this year is to use Voxer. Building on the success of EdCampVoxer in December 2015, organizers have added a Voxer channel for the 2016-17 K12Online conference! Think of Voxer like a group walkie-talkie with optional group text messaging. To get started:

  1. Download and install the Voxer app on your Smartphone and/or tablet (for iOS or Android)
  2. Sign up to create a FREE Voxer account using your name and email address. (You do NOT need a Pro/paid account to participate in our conference with Voxer.)
  3. Use this link to join our #k12onlineconf Voxer channel.
  4. Listen to and read comments posted by others in our channel.
  5. Briefly introduce yourself with an audio comment: Who are you, what is your educational role, and how did you learn about the K12 Online Conference?
  6. Try to keep audio comments no longer than 1-2 minutes each. Voxer technically supports audio comments up to 15 minutes long, but to keep the conversation going in our group we recommend keeping audio comments shorter.
  7. Interact and engage with others about our conference presentations and themes on Voxer.
  8. Have fun!

This 7 minute video by Jenna Clare (not created by our conference organizers btw) provides a good endorsement and overview of Voxer. Her instructional demo actually starts at 3:53.

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Save the Date – Panel Discussion on the Opening Keynote led by Julie Lindsay

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Save the date: November 3 at 8:00 pm EDT. Find the time where you are here. As part of K12 Online Conference’s new format, there will be a panel discussion around the ideas presented in Julie Lindsay’s opening keynote presentation. Some of the panelists will be:


Photo by Guilhem Velut shared under a CC license https://www.flickr.com/photos/o_0/9878673/

Dr. Leigh Zeitz: ISTE Global Collaboration PLN President

Lucy Gray: Global Education Conference

Anne Mirtschin: global educator from Australia

Sonya Van Schaijik: Chinese language teacher from New Zealand

The panel discussion will be broadcast from YouTube Live. Audience participation (questions, comments) will be most welcome.



2016-17 Announcements

Coming Soon: Opening Keynote by Julie Lindsay

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October is here and we are getting closer to the opening keynote, available on October 31, which will  kick off our series of mini-conferences for this year’s newly designed K12 Online Conference. As announced, this will be given by Julie Lindsay.

Photo by Justin Holt under a CC license

Photo by Justin Holt

Global Narratives – Collaboration on the Edge


Is online global collaboration a curriculum? A pedagogy? What can we learn from other global educators as they join students across the world to share, discuss and build empathetic solutions for global challenges. The narrative of educators working on the edge of collaborative learning is as revealing as it is entertaining.

Join Julie Lindsay as she explores collaboration ‘on the edge’ and tells the stories that will inspire and sustain future global curriculum and make a compelling case for the change we need to see in K-12 education.

2016-17 2016-Learning Spaces Announcements

First mini-conference for this year

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Mark your calendars — here are the dates for the first K12 Online mini-conference.

znilhcapOn October 31, we’ll have the pre-conference keynote address from Julie Lindsay. Later that week, we’ll have a live interactive panel discussion, Voxer channel discussions, and a Twitter slow chat to delve deeper into the subjects presented by Julie.

u1-axvilThen from November 14-18, we’ll launch into our first strand “Learning Spaces.” This will begin with a keynote from David Jakes. Then we’ll expand on this with a live interactive panel discussion, Voxer channel discussions, and a Twitter slow chat.

We hope that this new format will provide many opportunities for you, our audience, to explore these topics in a more interactive and engaging way.

Dates for our subsequent strand mini-conferences will be forthcoming and will be in 2017.

Please share this post with others in your networks (new hashtag #k12onlineconf)!

2016-17 Announcements

K12 Online 2016 New Format

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Image credit: Alan Levine, CC BY

The K12 Online Conference is remaking itself. 

Rather than publish approximately 40 video presentations within a three week window in October, this year the K12 Online Conference will:

  1. Include several different mini-conferences spread out throughout the year. 
  2. Feature (as in the past) 20 minute keynote video presentations in different strands.
  3. Include live interactive panel discussions focusing on the theme of each keynote.
  4. Offer asynchronous interaction options for participants using Voxer and Twitter chats.

These changes recognize both the growing number of interactive presentation and online conference options for educators, as well as the value of the mostly asynchronous, video-based format of our conference since 2006. 

Watch this space for more details coming very soon.