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2015 Announcements

K12Online15 Day 3: October 21, 2015

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k12 online badgeWelcome to day three of the 2015 K12Online Conference! All presentations are listed and linked on our main conference schedule.

Week One – Today we have three presentations. Take your time to enjoy them. Share what you learn with your colleagues. You can always come back to view sessions you missed or those you want to see again. Everything is archived.

Today’s sessions:


There Is Now a 5th Law of Robotics
Harrison McCoy


The Global Collaborators
Steve Sherman

WOW! Wednesday (Without Worksheets! Wednesday)
Pat Goodwin and Susan Baker

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2015 2015-Stories of Connection

The Global Collaborators

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PresenterSteve Sherman

LocationCape Town, South Africa


Presentation Title :  Global Collaboration

Presentation DescriptionAs an educator, I have been running an NGO for 20 Years. In the past few years I began collaborating with teacher colleagues around the world. Teaching in their classes, have them teach in mine. I will share many of my experiences and encourage YOU to join us on our journey of making the world a smaller place. This is what REAL education is about.

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Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Living-Maths-191424357561419/timeline/

2015-Stories of Connection

WOW Wednesday

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Presenter: Pat Goodwin and Susan Baker
Location: Bonham Texas
Pat Goodwin
Susan Baker

Presentation Description: This presentation provides information on how I W Evans Intermediate school implemented Without Worksheets Wednesday as a way to increase the rigor. The principal Susan Baker, developed WOW tag to help teachers understand different techniques to teach without worksheets. While some stuggles at first students and teachers alike can see improvements in the depth and complexity of lessons. Students learn without even knowing they are doing work. They are no longer bored from endless worksheets. Come along as we take you on our journey. The link at the end will provide several resources to allow you to start your own WOW Wednesday.

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2015 2015-Maker Ed

There is Now a 5th Law of Robotics

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Presenter: Harrison McCoy
Location: Arlington, Texas

Presentation Title: There is Now a 5th Law of Robotics

Presentation Description: “Who doesn’t love a robot? Viewers at this session will learn how to add robotics to their makerspace with the Lego Mindstorm EV3 robots. Regardless of grade level robotics can ignite the imagination and capture the attention of almost any student.

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