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What Can Social Media Aggregation Contribute to Advocating for Education? Getting all A’s in School

Presenter: Thomas Ho
Location: Whitestown, Indiana USA

Presentation Title: What Can Social Media Aggregation Contribute to Advocating for Education?

Presentation Description: We in education just don’t often do a very good job of telling others what a great job we’re doing, do we? We can harness social media to get that job done so learn WHY we should do it and HOW we can do it!

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

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  1. Thomas Ho

    Traders Point Christian Academy has been on fall break during this week so our social media feed isn’t as active as it would have been if school had been in session.

  2. Thomas Ho

    I updated the Link to presentationÂ’s supporting documents to my Slideshare which contains my video teaser & video presentation in addition to my slides in a single “package”

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