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Trust and Transparency

Presenter: Bart Miller Location: Tokyo, Japan @barmill Presentation Title: Trust and Transparency Presentation Description: Support self directed, interest and passion driven learning in your classroom by building trust. Using simple tools and strategies to maximize transparency, we can empower students to explore their passions to engage in deeper learning and authentic inquiry. Link to presentation’s […]

A Tale of Three Classrooms: How and Why We Read, Write, and Think for Each Other

Presenter: Jared Colley and Joel Garza Location: Arlington, TX and Addison, TX @jcolley8 Presentation Description: This presentation demonstrates how a good idea was born out of a collaboration involving three teachers who first set out to do something very traditional with their English classes. Growing from a shared interest to try something different, teachers experimented […]

Igniting Innovation in Teaching and Learning

Presenter: Wesley Fryer Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA @wfryer Presentation Title: Igniting Innovation in Teaching and Learning Presentation Description: What ignites your spark for teaching and learning inside and outside the classroom? What sustains your spark for creativity and innovation? What can be a spark of innovation to encourage teachers who are not early adapter […]

STEAM: Creating A Maker Mindset

Presenter: Vinnie Vrotny and Sheryl Peterson Location: Palatine, IL US @vvrotny and @speterson224 Presentation Title: STEAM: Creating A Maker Mindset Presentation Description: Look around a lower grade or early childhood classroom. You will see a flurry of activity, students building, constructing, and experimenting with materials. This dynamic changes in middle and high school, as these once confident […]

Leading by Example: Harnessing the Internet to Promote Professional Growth and Lifelong Learning

Presenter: Paige Hale Location: Salvisa, KY Facebook: Presentation Title: Leading by Example: Harnessing the Internet to Promote Professional Growth and Lifelong Learning Presentation Description: This presentation will explore an educational professional’s ongoing journey as a leader and lifelong learner. It will examine free online resources for promoting personal professional growth including: social media-based communities […]

Making Space to Make

Presenter: Stephen Ransom, Ph.D. Location: Rochester, NY USA @ransomtech Presentation Title: Making Space to Make Presentation Description: The idea of making things is nothing new. It’s timeless. However, as culture and technology have shifted, we’ve moved, as Dale Dougherty points out, from making things out of necessity and just “being smart” to being much more […]

Building Learning Keynote – Making the Case for Making in Schools

Presenter: Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA @smartinez @GaryStager   Presentation Title: Building Learning Keynote – Making the Case for Making in Schools Presentation Description: The Maker Movement is a revolutionary global collaboration of people learning to solve problems with modern tools and technology. Adults and children are combining new technologies […]

Crowdsourcing Your Professional Development

Presenter: Tanya Avrith, Holly Clark Location: Montreal, Canada and San Diego, California @edtechschools, @HollyEdTechDiva Presentation Title: Crowdsourcing Your Professional Development Presentation Description: Tanya Avrith and Holly Clark co-hosts of the vodcast show discuss how they are using their networks to crowdsource for best practices and professional development using some of the most innovative educators […]

Using iOS App Affordances to Foster Literacy Learning in the Classroom

Presenter: Richard Beach and Jill Castek Location: Minneapolis, MN, US/Portland, OR, US Twitter: @rbeach   @jillcastek Presentation Description: This presentation describes students’ uses of iOS app affordances to foster collaborative reading, writing, and speaking/listening literacy practices in the classroom given the need to determine how apps can be used to foster literacy practices. By app affordances, we […]

Make/Hack/Play – Lenses for Learning

Presenter: Bud Hunt Location: Longmont, Colorado USA Twitter: @budtheteacher Presentation Description: The Center for Make/Hack/Play grew out of a system asking itself questions about the purpose and role of schools as institutions of learning. In this presentation, Bud Hunt unpacks the terms that guide his inquiry about and work within schools. Link to presentation’s supporting documents: […]