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2015 Announcements

K12ONLINE15 DAY 6: OCTOBER 26, 2015

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k12 online badgeWelcome to day six of the 2015 K12Online Conference, the first day of week two. All presentations are listed and linked on our main conference schedule.

Week Two – Today we have three presentations. Take your time to enjoy them. Share what you learn with your colleagues. You can always come back to view sessions you missed or those you want to see again. Everything is archived. Why not add a comment after watching the session!

Today’s sessions:


Strand Keynote: Let’s Draw Some Attention: Digital Sketchnotes for Learning
Karen Bosch


Strand Keynote: Overcoming Obstacles: From ‘Yes, But’ to ‘Why Not?’ and ‘How Can We?’
Scott McLeod

Reinventing Pre-Service Teacher Technology Courses
Panel with: Curby Alexander, Cyndi Danner-Kuhn, Dean Mantz, Wesley Fryer


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2015-Overcoming Obstacles

Reinventing PreService Teacher Technology Courses

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Presenters: Cyndi Danner-Kuhn, Curby Alexander, Dean Mantz, & Wesley Fryer
Locations: Manhattan, Kansas – Fort Worth, Texas – Sterling, Kansas – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Presentation Description: Many pre-service teacher education programs at colleges and universities include at least one course focused on technology integration. In this presentation, a panel of current professors and instructors teaching preservice teacher educational technology courses discuss the challenges they face in reinventing the syllabi, projects, and topics used in these classes. They also discuss how they hope their courses continue to evolve and change in the years ahead. If you are a preservice teacher technology educator, send a Twitter reply to @wfryer so you can be added to this Twitter list: http://twitter.com/wfryer/lists/preservice-edtech/members. Please respond to this presentation by recording your own video, answering one or more of the questions addressed by the panelists. Post your video to YouTube and share it as a comment on the K12Online Conference blog, on the original YouTube video, or via Twitter.

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Cyndi Danner-Kuhn

Curby Alexander

Dean Mantz

Wesley Fryer

2015 2015-Beyond the Core

Let’s Draw Some Attention: Digital Sketchnotes for Learning

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Presenter: Karen Bosch
Location: Southfield, Michigan USA

Presentation Title: Let’s Draw Some Attention: Digital Sketchnotes for Learning

Presentation Description: Interested in exploring how Digital Sketchnotes can impact learning for both you and your students? This session will introduce what you need to get started with taking visual notes, including an overview of the process, equipment and apps, hints and techniques, and a wealth of resources. Lesson ideas and examples from students will be featured as part of the session.

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2015-Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles: From ‘Yes, But’ to ‘Why Not?’ and ‘How Can We?’

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Presenter: Scott McLeod
Location: Ames, Iowa, USA


Presentation Description: Whenever any sort of change or innovation is discussed, the ‘Yes, but…’ objections are inevitable. However, instead of allowing those resistance points to dominate and defeat promising ideas, teachers and administrators can reframe opposition into possibility by asking the questions ‘Why not?’ and ‘How can we?’ Effective educators focus on adaptation, forward progress, and collective effort and efficacy. The ‘yes, buts’ don’t do anything except keep us stuck. Too often we get mired in negativity and defeatism instead of recognizing that – both individually and collectively – we usually have the ability to do and be so much more than our current reality reflects. This keynote focuses on transformative leadership mindsets and features exemplary schools from around the world that are ignoring the ‘yes, buts’ to make amazing things happen for children and youth.


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