Leading the Change
The Lie of Community: The True Nature of the Network

Bud Hunt Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
Blog: http://budtheteacher.com/blog/

Bio: Bud Hunt is an instructional technologist for the St. Vrain Valley School District in northern Colorado. Formerly, he taught high school language arts and journalism at Olde Columbine High School in Longmont, Colorado. He is a teacher-consultant with the Colorado State University Writing Project, and has written on educational issues for a variety of publications. A consumer of copious amounts of new media, Bud blogs and podcasts at www.budtheteacher.com.
Bio Page: http://k12online08presenters.wikispaces.com/Bud+Hunt

Presentation Title: The Lie of Community: The True Nature of the Network
Description: The emergence of online, networked communities of practice is valuable and precious – but it is easy to be misled about what these actually are. They are not communities, in the traditional sense. There is no set membership. Norms and values grow and change in response to our changing understandings and participatory acts. We all see different things and exist in different conversations. Texts are repurposed. We choose whom we read and follow and respond to. In this edited collection of multiple conversations about these issues, the presenter and his guests will share some theory, stories, and ideas about what it means to exist, teach, create and learn in a community of communities, a true personal learning network.

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12 Responses to “Leading the Change
The Lie of Community: The True Nature of the Network”

  1. Thanks for this – I’ve been thinking some about this subject and this was more food for thought. You’ve edited together a nice conversation about an important subject.

  2. Kevin says:

    I added to the VoiceThread, but I found this presentation to be intriguing on many levels and I think you exposed something here that is important: Community and Network are two different concepts but we often use the terms interchangeably in online worlds.

  3. Bud Hunt says:

    Thanks, Sylvia and Kevin, for your time and interest. Glad the presentation was useful to you.

    @Kevin – I continue to find that they aren’t entirely the same, and they aren’t entirely different, but they’re certainly not synonymous. Past that, I’m still exploring. Looking forward to digging into the VoiceThread tomorrow!

  4. JenW says:

    Enjoying people who have experienced what I seem to have experienced too.

    Thanks again.

  5. […] – so far I have enjoyed listening to and reflecting on the work of Jon Becker, Jennifer Kraft, and Bud Hunt…believe me, there are MANY, MANY more I plan to engage […]

  6. Bud Hunt says:

    @Jen – You’re welcome. I’m glad you’ve found these stories and conversations useful.

  7. […] along similar lines of this one is Bud Hunts excellent K12-online presentation entitled “The Lie of Community“. He did several interviews of which i was fortunate enough to be one and they accompanied a […]

  8. Heather Dowd says:

    Thank you for this presentation. I enjoyed hearing people’s reflections of their online networks. The discussion brought to my mind this analogy: community is to face-to-face friend as network is to facebook friend. My f2f friends and my facebook friends “aren’t entirely the same, and they aren’t entirely different, but they’re certainly not synonymous,” (as you’ve noted above Bud Hunt).

  9. Bud Hunt says:

    You’re quite welcome, Heather. You know, I don’t know that it breaks down so easily into face to face vs. online. I was having a conversation with some folks at a conference over the weekend and I was trying to explain that I don’t think we have the words yet for the types of relationships that are beginning to emerge – what do you say when you first meet face to face with someone with whom you’ve worked and gotten to know only via online spaces? “Nice to meet you,” doesn’t seem quite right.

    Interesting, I think.

  10. Heather Dowd says:

    Hmm. That is interesting. I suppose one could say, “nice to see you finally.” :) I hadn’t realized I had made the distinction between f2f and online friends. Actually, my facebook friends are all people I know f2f. I don’t use facebook to connect with my online networks. The distinction I was trying to make has more to do with size. My facebook network is larger than my f2f community. Community is closer knit to me and my network includes many other people I have known in my life. Does that make sense?

  11. […] Bud Hunt,  I’m Fascinated with the intersection of the private and personal” ( “The Lie of Community: The True Nature of the Network” k12online 08 Audio channel, October 31, 2008) I love Twitter. It’s not only entertaining and […]

  12. […] this tappable story exchange (which I shared out a bit yesterday, too): And I was reminded of a presentation by Bud Hunt on the topic of community versus network spaces from the K12 Online Conference way back […]

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