Kicking it up a Notch
Oh the Possibilities

Lisa Parisi Herricks School District, Long Island, NY, USA



Bio: Lisa Parisi is a classroom teacher of 20+ years who still feels excitement each time she walks into her classroom. While she loves working with children, she also enjoys providing staff development everywhere she can. She teaches classes through the district teacher center and through local colleges, streaming them every chance she gets. She also co-hosts two EdTechTalk shows, one called Teachers are Talking and one called Conversations.

Presentation Description: A project-based learning (PBL) classroom is an ideal environment for preparing 21st century students for their future. This type of classroom provides students the opportunity to engage in learning, using their creativity to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of curriculum. Learn how to create and manage a PBL classroom, while still maintaining your sanity.


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10 Responses to “Kicking it up a Notch
Oh the Possibilities”

  1. Mathew says:

    Great overview of project based learning. I especially appreciate your deciding on an objective and creating a rubric in the planning process for the project.

  2. Cheryl Oakes says:

    Lisa, what a great voice, calm, serious and very encouraging. You make it all sound so easy. I am sure you will bring along some people who will try something new with their students! You really paint a great picture of a teacher who tries, is exhausted and then reflects and can use a new strategy!Planning, planning, planning, did you say that enough? But it is the truth!
    I love how you explained grooming your experts and how caring they were. Nice job!!! Nice sharing!!

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