Kicking it up a Notch
Games in Education

Sylvia Martinez Los Angeles, California, USA



Bio: Sylvia hasprogrammed and designed educational games for consumer and school markets. For 8 years she was executive producer at Davidson & Associates, the makers of Math Blaster, and designed games for all subjects and ages. She’s also been in charge of console and PC casual game design for adults and children, working in all aspects of design, development, manufacturing and publishing.

Presentation Description: It sounds like a simple idea– kids don’t like school… kids like games, so if we sneak some educational content into games, won’t everyone benefit? This session will explore what’s right and wrong about this idea, and how educators can discern the difference between the hype and the promise. I believe that although some of the promise has been oversold, there is much to learn from exploring the educational promise of games in the classroom.


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28 Responses to “Kicking it up a Notch
Games in Education”

  1. Leslie says:

    Yes, children hate school. Yes, they love games. But what is truly offered through the commercial off the shelf games, is pretty miserable. I limited the amount that my children viewed and tried to steer clear of the violent ones.

    As an educator, however, and am interested in incorporating educational games into a early childhood setting, do so within the confines of the state regulations, would be difficult.

    If I were able to alot the time, I would definitely take a closer look at Line Rider and Light Bot, as well as what LOGO has to offer. As they appear simple enough to use even for the youngest of student.

    This was an informative session and I will make the effort to connect to a live one soon. I had a few questions to ask and being able to speak to the author of this session, would have been beneficial to me.

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  3. Mathew says:

    Well organized session with new information and great examples.

  4. Kevin Jarrett says:

    Outstanding examples, analysis, perspective and advice. Truly a joy to watch. Extremely helpful. Thanks so much!

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  11. Kim Thomas says:

    What a wonderfully, thought-provoking presentation! I am adding “serious games” to my vocabulary….when working and talking with teachers this term will help us (okay, at least in my own plans) differentiate between the cotton candy and the real food that can help children learn and grow.

    Kim T.
    Phx, AZ

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  21. Ashley Betteridge says:

    I agree that we as teachers need to find a new way to connect with children and how to teach them. My only concern is that if we teach them through these video games that they seem to be consumed in, is that the student will then lack some communication skills. How could we have the students learn by video games but also interact with each other? Is there any online application or game they could do together?

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