Prove It
“Throwing the Box Away”

Barbara Bray, Lafayette, CA
Blog: Rethinking Learning

Bio: Barbara Bray writes a regular column on professional development for OnCUE, moderates the PDQs (Professional Development Quick Tips) for, is President of My eCoach, and coach.
Bio Page:

Pat Lusher, Pinellas County Schools
Bio: Pat Lusher is the Supervisor of Academic Computing for Pinellas County Schools.

Cecelia Nauda, Pinellas County Schools
Bio: Cecelia (Charli) Nauda is EETT Grant Coordinator, Curriculum and Applications for Pinellas County Schools.

Donna Blanton, Largo, Florida
Bio: Donna Blanton, 3rd grade teacher at Pinellas Park Elementary.

Presentation Title:“Cross-Age Cross-Curriculum Projects Change Teaching Practice”
Description: 109 K12 teachers and eMentors at Pinellas County Schools, Florida developed six 6 week cross-age cross-curriculum projects for their EETT grant in 2006-2007. This presentation describes the professional development and resources necessary for successful projects. Learn how teachers collaborated with teachers from other grade levels and designed standards-based real-world activities that engaged all students in the learning process. Examples, strategies, and evidence will be shared.

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Supporting Links: Video Teaser; Cross-Age Cross-Curriculum Projects (summary) Blog Post with additional links, enhanced podcast, and PowerPoint presentation.

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“Throwing the Box Away””

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