Getting Started
“Traveling Through The Dark”

Steven Kimmi Salina, KS, United States

Bio: Steven is a fifth grade teacher in Salina, KS. He graduated from Kansas State University three years ago, where he pursued many other majors before choosing on Elementary Education. He is the author of Experiments in Technology and In Transit(ion). He is in the process of creating numerous open source resources for teachers in his district and beyond. However, he is the parent of three children under four, so his time is…well, time is…of the essence.
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Presentation Title: “Traveling Through The Dark”
Description: This presentation examines how to get started using educational technology through metaphorical analysis of William Stafford’s poem, Traveling Through The Dark. Through this analysis we will look at the obstacles teacher’s face, the process of implementing technology into the classroom, and the role that others can play in the process.

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18 Responses to “Getting Started
“Traveling Through The Dark””

  1. Sharon Betts says:

    Nice job, Steven
    I am impressed with your reflection and desire. I am motivated to reflect myself. I blogged your presentation for my teachers at

  2. Cheryl Oakes says:

    Steven, this is a brilliant piece of work! I really like how you shot the dark, the quote, then the examples. Just very even and compelling! I too love Teachers Teaching Teachers.
    Nice job!
    Cheryl Oakes, Seedlings, Wells, ME USA

  3. Mathew says:

    I really like the metaphor of your presentation and your sharing of your journey.

  4. LangLabCindy says:

    Nice analogy – it does sometimes feel like we are traveling through the dark! I’m not sure, however, that I agree with your statement that we need to know a technology before we implement it (blogging) because if we wait until we know it, we may never get started. And there is SO much to know, we cannot know it all. Instead, we can get started and learn from each other – teachers and students learning together. Lots of food for thought – thanks for sharing!

  5. Steven Kimmi says:

    Thanks for all the comments, I appreciate you taking the time to watch and respond.

    @LangLabCindy – To a certain extent I do agree that we can learn together. However, I feel that some tools lend themselves to this way better than others. I guess my motivation for that statement had more to do with giving yourself a grace period to learn how to use something, so that when you take it into the classroom you don’t feel completely overwhelmed, or embarassed by how much the students may already know.

  6. Margaret Hattman says:

    Steven, You do such a wonderful job of explaining how your reflections impact your teaching. I think sometimes when I work with teachers, they think I expect them to try to use every tool in every lesson. I can use your presentation as an example to emphasize that you only need to learn one tool until you are comfortable enough to use it with your students. The hardest part of all is convincing teachers that they need to find the time to work with that first tool. “I don’t have time” seems to be the mantra of many teachers who are reluctant to try a new idea. (and that is probably true!)Do you have any good suggestions on how to get them to realize that taking the time is worthwhile?

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  13. Jessica Krska says:

    I really like your presentation. I enjoyed how you added quotes and explained them. I thought it was very informative. I am at school taking classes to become a teacher so I think this video is very helpful for me as I start thinking about how I will approach my teaching, since I also want to integrate technology in my classroom. Thanks for the help.

  14. Bob Esty says:

    Thank you for your presentation, Steve. I found it encouraging. I wish that there was some way to post visually the references you made to and the Teachers teaching teachers video. Thanks again.

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