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“The Collaborative ABC Project: Using Technology To Tell Stories”

Kevin Hodgson
Leeds, Massachusetts, USA

Kevin Hodgson is the technology liaison with the Western Massachusetts Writing Project and he also teaches writing to sixth graders at the Norris Elementary School in Southampton, Massachusetts. When he is not teaching, or thinking about teaching, he can be found with his wife and three young sons during the day and with his rock and roll band — The Sofa Kings — late at night. Somewhere in between all that, he writes poetry and stories and explores/shares through his Weblog experiment called Kevin’s Meandering Mind.

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Bonnie Kaplan
Nyack, New York, USA

Bonnie Kaplan is the Co-Director and Technology Liaison with the Hudson Valley Writing Project and for 30 years she taught high school English and Drama at Pearl River High School, New York. For the last three years she has moved on to a new life chapter and spends more time working with the HVWP and developing her digital passion and skills. She loves playing classical guitar to a audience of two loyal fans. She spends lots of time in dark movie theaters and traveling to exotic places. She shares everything on her blog:

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Presentation Title
“The Collaborative ABC Project: Using Technology To Tell Stories”

Our presentation (which will be a collaborative effort led by at least two presenters) will focus in on a collaborative digital storytelling project that brought together about a dozen teachers from the USA (and one from New Zealand) who used video technology to create a collaborative online ABC movie project. We intend to discuss how our project came to being from an inquiry approach and also to have participants take part in a smaller scale version of our ABC movie-book adventure. We will produce our presentation using a mixture of a blog, video examples, screencasts and podcasts. Our presentation will be online due to the nature of collaboration and may not have offline downloadable aspects to it.

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7 Responses to “Professional Learning Networks
“The Collaborative ABC Project: Using Technology To Tell Stories””

  1. Kevin H. says:

    We hope folks explore with us and participate in our VoiceThread story project — it is right there in our presentation.
    Come along for the ride!

  2. Debi K says:

    We just came across your project! Looks great. We love the Gliffy diagram and I think this international collaborative project is wonderful. Thanks for sharing, keep us posted on how it goes and feel free to send us any feedback about your use of Gliffy, debik (at) gliffy (dot) com

  3. Melissa Kreider says:

    Bonnie: I’m thrilled to see you present this! I can’t wait to dive into it more. Melissa

  4. Amy says:

    Awesome job! I will definitely be passing this on to my colleagues.

  5. Kevin H. says:

    hi Amy
    Thanks for the comments and we hope others can emulate or at least pick and choose components for collaboration.

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