“Holding a Mirror to our Professional Practice”

Derek Wenmoth
Christchurch, New Zealand
Bio Derek has a background as a teacher, principal and teacher educator, and is currently the eLearning Director for CORE Education in New Zealand. CORE is responsible for the national professional development programme for teachers using technology in schools and early childhood centres. He spends most of his time now working on a variety of projects relating to eLearning and the use of ICT in education, and has a particular interest in the emergence of virtual schooling around the world, and in the ways in which we can understand the value of what we are doing with ICT in the classroom.
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Twitter: @dwenmoth

Presentation Title “Holding a Mirror to our Professional Practice”

DescriptionDerek will challenge us to hold a mirror to our professional practice and begin reflecting critically on what we are doing with technology in our classrooms, using examples from New Zealand to illustrate the use of reflective practice both at an individual level, and at a whole school and systemic level. He’ll also describe an online tool that’s been developed as a result of the New Zealand research which seeks to assist teachers in their self-research.


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“Holding a Mirror to our Professional Practice””

  1. Cathy Nelson says:

    Sylvia I did not see the wiki referenced….help me find it.

  2. Anne Maree jones says:

    Loved the idea of the reflective tool. Where do i find it?

  3. a very thought provoking presentation. I shall make sure that I respond to the questions at the end in my blog in the near future.

  4. Are you taking any E-Fellows from Alabama, USA??? What a wonderful insight into the nagging question- Are we connecting our philosophy and our practice? I love the map rather than the list of points the teacher needs to change. This is constructivist PD!

  5. Scott Meech says:

    Great analogy! I think we need to ask our students to reflect on their learning more as well. We need to ask the students to reflect on their own use of technology. Was their use of technology really the best choice? When students research something, have them reflect on the quality of their research and their research techniques.

  6. Anne Maree – re the reflective tool, it’s called the EPS and can be found at
    I’ve added this link and a whole lot of others I referred to in my talk on the page above. Hope that’s helpful. Please note that the curriculum part is very oriented to the NZ context, but the tool has been constructed so that we could substitute the curriculum goals etc of another country/state if required.

  7. Amy says:


    Reflection is something that we should all do with tech and without tech, but we don’t often take time to do it. Thank you for your thought-provoking presentation.

  8. Ana Mantel says:

    Hello Derek, you are so right in your presentation!! Reflecting on our teaching with or without technology is the best way to become a good teacher, a good presenter. Incorporating technology in teaching enhances the mastery of content area for students.

  9. Jose F. says:

    I learned the importance of reflecting. Reflecting on your teaching practices can help you grow a great deal and come up with new and more improved teaching practices. Reflecting is a great way to improve just how you teach.

  10. This presentation will definitely influence some of the ways I focus our teachers professional development work. We have been focusing our work on student engagement. This presentation will help us move from technology use that is engaging in behavior to use that is cognitively engaging.

  11. çet says:

    Thanks so much for this! This is exactly what I was looking for

  12. I found several tools and great questions in this session that are expanding my professional learning network. My blog comment is here:

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  14. […] truly will have the anytime option to assimilate technology into the classroom as described by Derek Wenmoth. We have found that the projectors have increased student engagement in curricula which is one of […]

  15. Penny Ryder says:

    Still a great tool in 2009! Thanks for sharing. I’ve posted about this one on my blog.

  16. Derick Jones says:

    Reflecting in general is important, be it life or any aspect of it. For a teacher, it is vital. Only reflection can lead to self-realization and that to improvement. I still need to go through the video presentation. I am sure I will have lots to learn from this. Thanks for all the information.

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