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“Cell Phones as Classroom Learning Tools”

Liz Kolb
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Liz Kolb spent 7 years as a classroom social studies teacher,high school technology coordinator and integration specialist. She is now an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Madonna University in Michigan as well as finishing her PhD in Learning Technologies at University of Michigan. She teaches courses for both preservice and inservice teachers concerning technology integration in schools. For more information on her background, please see her virtual CV at

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Presentation Title
“Cell Phones as Classroom Learning Tools”

This presentation focuses on ways to connect students’ favorite digital toy with classroom learning. Cell phones have the capability to become the “Swiss army knife” for student research and organization. First, we explore using cell phones as data collection tools: audio recorders, digital cameras, and digital camcorders. Additionally, we consider how classroom projects can be developed for cell phones: creating ring tones, text messaging, mobile WebPages, and mobile surveys. Finally, we contemplate the future features of cell phones and how those features play a role in learning.

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“Cell Phones as Classroom Learning Tools””

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  4. kevin Khumalo says:

    hmm, students will allways to wiling to pay extra as long as they are using thier phones or other gargets other than using school computers. students are like thier gargets too much

  5. Sammy says:

    I need help for school about cell phone use in class

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  11. When high school students were asked what they thought of the idea of using their cell phones as an educational tool, one student put it best: “We can use our cell phones under, or above our desks. As out=r teachers, which do you prefer?”

    60% of high school students admit to using cell phones during class.

    98% of high school students own cell phones and 68% of those are able to access the Internet.

    In a recent study, teachers were asked, “How many of you dismiss cell phones as not having a positive impact on learning?” The answer…only 13%.

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