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Classroom 2.0 “Travel through Space and Time”

Silvia Tolisano
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Blog: http://www.langwitches.org/blog

Born in Germany, raised in Argentina and living in the USA, Silvia graduated with a Degree in Spanish & International Studies and a Master’s in Instructional Technology. She serves as the Instructional Technology Facilitator at a private elementary school. She was instrumental in establishing and is supporting an integrated global awareness curriculum for all grade levels.

Bio Page
https://k12online07presenters.wikispaces.com/Silvia Tolisano

Presentation Title
“Travel through Space and Time”

Global awareness is making its way into the educational landscape. We are recognizing that our students are growing up in a “flat world” and cannot afford to live isolated from learning about other languages, cultures, traditions and points of view. The presenter took over 400 students and their teachers along…virtually…as she traveled physically half way around the world to China. Learn how, through the power of web 2.0 tools, she seamlessly combined a blog, podcasts, photos and videos to educate students about cultural universals, while addressing curriculum standards.

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http://k12online.wm.edu/Time_Space.mp4 (27:09 Run Time; mpeg4; 88.6 MB)
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http://k12online.wm.edu/Time_Space.mp3 (26:10 Run Time; mp3; 12 MB)

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San Jose Episcopal Day School

China Blog

Global Studies

Egypt Blog







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  1. Heather Davis

    I have just finished listening to Silvia’s exciting presentation about their trip to China and how technology played such a huge part in the success of the trip.

    I teach at an international school in Beijing and we are getting ready to take our Year 5/Grade 4 students to Hong Kong for 4 days in February. My mind is spinning with all the new ideas we may be able to incorporate into our trip.

    Thanks for opening my mind to so many possibilities. I will be listening and hopefully watching the presentation several times.

  2. Bonnie Muir

    Your mp3 file is very interesting, but your movie is visually stunning. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie. Your gave me some wonderful ideas on how to help classroom teachers with blogging.

  3. Kathy Epps

    What an amazing work! The thought, preparation, the trip itself, and the follow through, involving the whole school is really a model of good practice. Congratulations!

  4. Jose Fuentes

    I really like the idea of crossing boundaries and introducing our students to other cultures. I too am a fan of the Amazing Race. I love the show not only because of all the parts of the world that already exist and that I probably would not get a chance to see in real life and participating in the tasks of a regular citizen from that country. I am amazed in looking at geography and how little kids know about anything related to it. For me personally I love soccer and love to watch the Worldcup. When I saw the participating countries I learned about their flags, and their capital cities. However, a few years ago while I was in my teacher related studies, I mentioned this to a fellow instructor and that person did not share the same opinion as mine. He claimed that all I knew was a simple trick to memorize that knowledge and it presented little value to me. I was upset and walked away. Ever since I have become more cognizant about geography and how important it is to our lives. By living in the United States, people simply think that this is enough and nothing else matters. But once again, going back to the presentation, I think introducing kids to other cultures is an important element that we cannot do without. Not only kids will learn about other places in the world, but also learn to respect other people for what they are and where they come from rather than raising biases and stereotypes.

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  6. Cathy Wolinsky

    I can only imagine how much care & time went into this visually thoughtful presentation. You are indeed a skilled story teller! Even if we can’t send a live traveler to another country you gave me some great ideas for helping our students connect to others around the world.

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  9. Michael

    To study and Master Technology, I would need a Degree in Languages. I’ve learned a highly effective plan which helps me assess voices, which supports the awareness of the Power. This is a reality of communicating and contacting a Wizard; in private.

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