2012 Getting Started

Show off your work online using Weebly.com

Presenter: Valerie R. Burton
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana USA
Twitter: @MsBisOnline

Presentation Description: Let me show you how to use Weebly.com to publish your work. Looking for a way to create ePortfolios for you and your students? Need a website for class? Join me in this session and I will show you how to create ePortfolios for your students and for yourself. Weebly.com can be used to publish work, share videos, create a blog and connect with others.

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  1. Kevin Hodgson

    Hi Valerie
    Thanks for sharing your own expertise and experiences with adding student content to the web and eportfolios. I love how easy the tools are getting for this kind of work, and how the creation of a site connects with identity, expression and design — all important elements of the digital age.

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