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2012 Visioning New Curriculum

Creating Learning Experiences without the Textbook

Presenter: April Chamberlain, Shawn Nutting & Ammie Akin
Location: Trussville, Alabama USA
Twitter: @aprilpc

Presentation Description: Learn how teachers in Trussville, Alabama are creating learning experiences without the textbook using Livescribe for secondary math, teacher created elementary math videos, QR codes in books and around the school, virtual field trips, Socrative and educator collaborative space.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

  1. Trussville City Schools
  2. Paine Primary School
  3. Paine Intermediate School
  4. Hewitt-Trussville Middle School
  5. Hewitt-Trussville High School
  6. Livescribe Pens
  7. Smart Airliner
  8. Educreation App
  9. PowerPoint Saves as Video
  10. QR stuff
  11. I-nigma
  12. Charlene Hallman’s Virtual Field Trips
  13. Rachel Brockman’s Research sites
  14. Wix.com
  15. Socrative for teachers
  16. Socrative for students
  17. Edmodo


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