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2012 Visioning New Curriculum

How Technology Helped Me Paint With Mud

Presenter: Ian Sands
Location: Apex, North Carolina USA
Twitter: @iansands

Presentation Description: In today’s high school art curriculum there is a separation between the visual art class and the technology class. The current high school art curriculum’s focus is on traditional media with very little integrated technology. Technology is separated from traditional visual art classes and given it’s own course titles such as Computer Art. Likewise, there is a separation in the selection of art medium. Though the art world has evolved to using a plethora of new materials, the majority of art class storage rooms are filled with pencils, tempera paint and other traditional media. Our challenge as art educators is twofold. First, merge new technology into our everyday art lessons. Second, share with students concepts and ideas that use both traditional materials as well as branch out to media traditionally not consider art material. In this presentation we will explore ways to incorporate technology into the full range of an art project. We will explore everything from jump starting the ideas, to developing maps and templates, to critiquing online and digital grading. Furthermore, we will accomplish this through the exploration of such nontraditional materials as post-it notes, glow sticks and mud.

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