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2012 Visioning New Curriculum

The Flipped Class for Administrators

Presenter: Jon Bergmann
Location: Lake Forest, Illinois USA
Twitter: @jonbergmann

Presentation Description: Learn from Flipped Class pioneer Jon Bergmann as he explains tips for administrators as they consider implementing flipped learning into their schools.

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  1. Kevin Hodgson

    I’m glad to see the focus on encouraging administrators to consider shifts in the educational environment. I’m still thinking about the flipped scenario (“a slow flipper”?) but I appreciate the discussion here in the video, John.

  2. Tami Chappel

    Great information and I love that your audience here was administrators. There are a couple of teachers at my school who have implemented flipped classrooms and it’s been well-received by admin. I’m very interested in doing this soon especially since our district is planning to go one-to-one with technology devices for students in the next year or two. Thanks for sharing your information in a concise, informative, and interesting way. I will be passing it along to my administrators!

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