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2012 Getting Started

Leveraging Social Media to Flatten Your Classroom Walls

Presenters: Paula Naugle and Jan Wells
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana USA & Meriden, Kansas USA
Twitter: @plnaugle  & @janwells

Presentation Description: Most teachers would love to communicate and collaborate with other classes but are unsure just how to begin this process. How do you go about finding other classes to connect with? Where do you find projects that can be used for collaboration? How do you cope with time zones? How can social media help you flatten your classroom walls and enable you to incorporate the 4C’s of collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking into your weekly lessons?

Find out how Paula and Jan found each other in 2009 and have had their two classes collaborating ever since. Learn how these two veteran educators have used social media sites such as Ning, Twitter, Facebook, Edmodo, Google and Google HangOut, and Skype to collaborate and communicate with many more classrooms each year.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Paula’s Classroom Blog http://pnaugle.blogspot.com
Paula’s Professional Blog http://plnaugle.blogspot.com

Jan’s Class Website/Blog http://mrswells4thgradeclass.weebly.com
Jan’s Professional Blog http://techtrek4integration.blogspot.com

List of websites mentioned:


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