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LAN: Learning Is Social

Presenter: Bryan Hughes
Location: North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Link to presenter’s K12Online Ning Profile page

Presentation Title: LAN: Learning Is Social

Presentation Description: Bored by status quo professional development and stale in service workshops? Why not throw a party! LAN: Learning Is Social is the story of how North Vancouver School District used the presentations of the K12 Online Conference to breathe new life into professional development.

LAN parties can be a powerful vehicle for professional development and change. This presentation defines the concept and shares our experience with the hope that others will be inspired to find creative ways to share the message of the K-12 Online Conference.

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Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
A complete LAN party planning guide is available at http://wiki44.ca

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Bryan Hughes

Lesley Edwards

Audrey Van Alstyne


  1. Gail P

    That was both interesting and motivating. There are so many support people required to pull it off though and I wonder if other schools and districts have the personnel and hardware to be successful. I will check out the referenced link wiki44.ca to get a better picture of the organization and planning aspect.
    Good goal to keep in mind though. I like the idea of developing an online presence through PLN building without expecting everyone to start blogging tomorrow.

  2. Lesley Edwards

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the presentation. This kind of event could be scaled to suit your resources and needs. For instance, a small school might pick one presentation to watch together on a Pro. D. day or at a staff meeting. The richness lies both in the presentation and the conversations that come from a group of interested viewers.

  3. Bryan Hughes

    Discussion Questions:

    1. The LAN party model has worked in North Vancouver to create a showcase for K12 Online presentations and begin a conversation between the teachers in our district. Is this a model you think could work in your school or school district? Why or why not?

    2. LAN is only one model for gathering an audience for the K12 Online Conference. What methods are you using to share the K12 Online Conference with colleagues?

    3. Do you believe that learning is social? How do you see learning in a social situation enhancing the learning experience for you and your students?

  4. Dennis Richards

    LAN: Learning @ Night is Conversations, Ideas & Food

    A great story of social learners and learning.

    FYI – Some technical difficulties with the DOTSub video audio not matching the video and when I tried the Blip.TV version it was fine until it stopped half way through the presentation at the point when your principal was commenting on his belief in the capacity of staff to teach each other.

    Thanks for sharing this success story, nonetheless.

  5. John Evans

    Great presentation!

    We’re doing a similar concept with our consultants. Wondering if you have a digital copy of the signage for the LAN that appears in the video at 50 second point.



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