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Just a “touch” of leadership – Using the iPod Touch/IPhone in Administration

Presenter: Andy Crozier & Mike Amante
Location: Cedar Rapids, IA & New Hartford, NY, USA
Link to presenter’s K12Online Ning Profile page

Presentation Title: Just a “touch” of leadership – Using the iPod Touch/IPhone in Administration

Presentation Description: Are you using your iPod Touch/iPhone to simply check your email or answer your phone? Did you know that there many other uses of the iPod Touch that can help with some of your professional responsibilities?

This presentation will show you apps and success stories from administrators in the field that are using the iPod Touch/iPhone for data collection, organization, creating a mobile office, and personal professional development.

DotSub Video Presentation Link

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Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Twitter – acrozier22 & mamante


  1. Don Lourcey

    Great resources–thanks for doing this. One of t he biggest gap is not between students and teachers, but from students to principals. Thanks for helping admin build capacity for leading 21st century learning.

  2. Andy Crozier

    For some reason the video that’s embeded doesn’t seem to be working right with the audio. Click on the Blip m4v link if you are having problems.

    Feel free to twitter comments to Mike and myself.

    @acrozier22 & @mamante

  3. Andy Crozier

    Also, our resource page should be going live sometime today on the Apple Learning Interchange. Stay tuned for that link.

  4. Katie Morrow

    Very well done, gentlemen! Great organization and management tips and more. Love the administrator testimonials!

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