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Thank you to Live Events Committee

There are many things that make the K12online Conference a unique event. One is that in many ways it’s not an event. The sessions are always available, it breaks down barriers of time.

However, one of the other things that make the K12 online conference unique is the desire people to get together synchronously. To make this happen in any situation is challenging, to make it happen world wide is amazing. This is what the Live Events Committee pulled off.

Laura Deisley led the committee of Chris Betcher, Robin Ellis, Christine Voigt and Naomi Williams. Laura demonstrated outstanding leadership and made things look so easy. She and her committee not only responded quickly to any issue but also developed the Cuppa Joe concept which will be really helpful for those wanting to re-purpose presentations at a local level. The essential questions can be a great way to start a discussion.

The work of these people and other volunteers make this conference what it is. Thank you Laura, Chris, Robin, Christine and Naomi.  Your work and efforts did not go unnoticed and added immensely to the quality of the conference.

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  1. CCMoore

    Thank you to all who contributed to the K12 Online Conference. It was my first and I have learned wonderful things, gone places I’ve never been before, and started more projects that I hope to finish!

  2. Wesley Fryer

    Bob: We’ll put out a call for committee volunteers in late spring or summer. We’ll post it here, so subscribing to this blog and our Twitter account is the best way to stay up to date about those announcements. Thanks for your interest.

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