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2008 2008 - Leading the Change

Leading the Change Ramapo Islands: A New Dimension in Learning

Peggy Sheehy Suffern, New York, USA
Blog: http://ramapoislands.edublogs.org

Bio: Formerly a professional musician, Peggy Sheehy received her Master’s Degree in Ed Tech from Stony Brook University, & began her MLIS University of South Carolina at Columbia. She is currently concluding her studies in the MLS program at Southern Connecticut State University. Serving as ITF/ Media Specialist at Suffern Middle School, in 2006 she established the first school in Teen Second Life: Ramapo Islands. Ramapo Islands now hosts over 1400 students and their teachers.
Bio Page: http://k12online08presenters.wikispaces.com/Peggy+Sheehy

Presentation Title: Ramapo Islands: A New Dimension in Learning
Description: The team process of creating a virtual presence for your school, the development of authentic, experiential, standard-based curriculum & implementing it with students in Teen Second Life addresses the NETS for administrators, teachers & students and is an innovative approach to a collaborative and all-inclusive learning community. Focusing on the process of developing constructivist learning in the virtual world, Sheehy will present the steps her teachers are taking this 3rd year of teaching in Ramapo Islands on Teen Second life to translate their content into the virtual landscape. She will outline best practices that have evolved and the student responses to this 21st century pedagogical shift.

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