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2008 Announcements

Day 4 Presentations: 23 October 2008

Welcome to day four of the 2008 K-12 Conference! Today’s presentations include:


Traveling Through the Dark
Steven Kimmi

Video-Conferencing It’s Easy, Free and Powerful
Brian Crosby


Throwing the Box Away
Barbara Bray

We Like Our Blogging Buddies: The Write Stuff with Blogging Mentors
Kathy Cassidy and Patrick Lewis

Presentation links on our 2008 schedule page have been updated.

If you need assistance during the conference, please contact the K12Online08 Help Desk. A navigational link to the helpdesk is available in the upper right corner of the conference blog, along with a link to our first timer’s wiki page.

A page containing web feeds from the conference is available, including updated links for our 2008 audio podcast and video podcast channels. Note all presentations are not available as videos, some are audio-only.

Information about opportunities and procedures for receiving professional development are available via the post “Receive professional development credits” and our PD wiki: k12onlinecredit.wikispaces.com.

Subscribe to our Twitter Channel as well as conference blog post and comments in your feed reader.

Video and audio podcast links for day 4 have been updated as of 12:41 GMT. All links to files in both podcast channels originate from the William and Mary server, so there should not be any content filtering problems if you are in a school district blocking content from blip.tv or dotsub.

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