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2013 2013 Keynotes Leading Learning

Developing Leadership in Classrooms, Schools and Communities

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Presenter: Larry Ferlazzo
Location: Sacramento, CA

Presentation Title: Developing Leadership in Classrooms, Schools and Communities

Presentation Description: I’ll be suggesting that developing the leadership potential of our students, teachers and parents is a key strategy to develop more learning, better teaching, and improved engagement for all. And I’ll be providing ideas for specific actions we can take to develop that leadership.

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2013 2013 Keynotes Outside Learning

Keynote Outside Learning – Connecting Classrooms: It’s About Learning

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Presenter: Kathy Cassidy
Location: Moose Jaw, SK, Canada

Presentation Description:  Connecting your classroom with the world beyond your building is not just an add on. Connecting can teach digital citizenship, engage students, provide an authentic world-wide audience, meet curriculum standards and extend the learning. Kathy Cassidy shares examples from her own and other classrooms of deep, connected learning.

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Places to Find Kathy Cassidy

Professional Blog: http://kathycassidy.com

Classroom Blog: http://mscassidysclass.edublogs.org/

Email: kathy[at]kathycassidy[dot]com

Book: Connected From the Start: Global Learning in the Primary Grades

2013 2013 Keynotes

2013 PRECONFERENCE KEYNOTETransforming Learning….One Voice At A Time

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Presenters: Shannon McClintock Miller and Meridan Boyd
Location: Van Meter, Iowa, United States

Presentation Description: As educators, it is so important for us to stop and really listen to the young people we work with everyday. In this keynote, Shannon McClintock Miller tells the story of being inspired by a moment when she truly stepped back to watch and listen to what her students wanted and needed. She shares several thoughts and ideas from the voices of young people all over the world and tie it into what is happening within her school in Van Meter, Iowa. By embracing the voices of our young people, we all can transform education and make a difference in the world. Shannon’s friend and student Meridan Boyd, Van Meter 4th grader, adds her voice and perspectives in this keynote presentation.

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Additional Information:
Van Meter Library Voice http://vanmeterlibraryvoice.blogspot.com

Van Meter Library Voice on Twitter @vmlibraryvoice

Shannon McClintock Miller on Twitter @shannonmmiller

Van Meter Voice Facebook https://www.facebook.com/van.voice

Email is shannon.miller [at] vmbulldogs [dot] com