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2014 2014-Passion-Driven Learning

Passion-Based Learning

Presenter: Joy Kirr
Location: Elk Grove Village, IL

Presentation Title: Passion-Based Learning

Presentation Description: What IS “passion-based learning?” It goes by many names, but it is authentic, student-driven time given during school hours. It is used to engage students in their learning, and let them know that their interests and inquiries matter. Once you start, you will find it permeates the rest of your teaching hours.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:

“About Me” Web Address – http://joykirr.wix.com/portfolio

“About Me” bio: I currently teach 7th grade English Language Arts in a suburb of Chicago. I was first a special education teacher working with deaf & hard-of-hearing students, and next became a reading specialist and National Board Certified. I’m on my 20th year of teaching, but it’s always like my first!


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