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2013 Building Learning

Coding for Kids

Presenter: Chris Betcher
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Chris Betcher on G+

Presentation Title: Coding for Kids

Presentation Description: While not every student might want to write their own software, understanding the big ideas of coding is a skill that all students would benefit from, even the very young ones. Understanding the key ideas of computational thinking – identifying patterns, thinking algorithmically, manipulating data, solving real problems, etc – is an important step in helping our students build mastery over their world.
This presentation will take you on a guided tour through some of the resources available to your students to help them learn the principles of creating code. We’ll check out a range of desktop and iPad apps suitable for teaching very young students to program, through to tools and websites that can help your older students learn to hack code, and much more.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Chris Betcher is an Australian technology educator with a passion for helping students master their digital world. He is the technology integrator at PLC Sydney, where he helps students and teachers use technology in meaningful and authentic ways. He has a curious mind, asks way too many questions, and likes to build cool stuff out of zeroes and ones. Connect with Chris at www.chrisbetcher.com.

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