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K12Online13 Day 8 Presentations 30 October 2013

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Welcome to day eight of the 2013 K-12 Online Conference! All presentations are listed and linked on our main conference schedule.



Day 8 presentations include:


Brad Waid and Drew Minock: Game-Changing Apps

Michael Boll: Bringing Digital Badges to Your School or Classroom


Chris Betcher: Coding for Kids

Dan Whisler: Energy 101: KidWind & the SHS Chevy Volt Project

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2013 Building Learning

Energy 101: KidWind & the SHS Chevy Volt Project

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Presenter: Dan Whisler
Location: Sterling, KS

Presentation Title: Energy 101: KidWind & the SHS Chevy Volt Project

Presentation Description: In this presentation I will use a presentation with videos imbedded to share how our energy-related projects combine STEM-related concepts in a PBL environment to help create a more student-centered learning experience. Real-life studies help make connections and create relevance for students. Through their study of these energy-related projects, students are exposed to environmental and economics lessons not possible simply by using a textbook. Videos will include me presenting background information (presentation) to help explain the projects along with videos of students working on various projects in the classroom to demonstrate the PBL approach being used.

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2013 Leading Learning

Bring Digital Badges To Your School or Classroom

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Presenter: Michael Boll
Location: Shanghai, China

Digital Badges Part One: What Are Digital Badges Anyway? Introduction to Digital Badges, how they work and the Mozilla platform.

Digital Badges Part Two: The Tech of Digital Badges  Learn the tech behind getting started with digital badges.

Digital Badges Part Three: Bring Badges Into Your Classroom. Learn how to use digital badges in your classroom

Digital Badges Part Four: Bring Badges to Your School Tips on how to bring the digital badges program to your entire school or district

Digital Badges Part Five: The Future of Badges Digital Badges are just getting started. Take a look at what the future might hold.

Presentation Title: Bring Digital Badges To Your School or Classroom

Presentation Description: Badges, badges, badges. Fun, motivation, excitement. Ok, you get the point. Badges are a time tested (think like for 10,000 ago or more) method to bring out full achievement in students and adults. Everybody loves to receive recognition for things they have done.

The communication revolution (thanks Internet) means we can both give and display badges on a grander scale than ever before. My school is currently in a beta test stage for using badges with students and we would like to share our experiences so far.

This workshop will cover some of the ins and outs of using badges in and outside of the classroom.


* How it works
* Using Mozilla’s Open Badges Program
* How to issue badges
* How to display badges
* Badge use cases
* Setting up systems at your school to enable effective badge distribution

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Additional Information:
Michael Boll is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Podcaster and Technology Coach at Concordia International School Shanghai. Michael enjoys helping educators, parents and students harness the transformative powers of technology.

Michael is an enthusiastic instructional designer and presenter. He works to make his courses and presentations information packed, slightly provocative and fun.

Michael has a teenage son with profound autism and is keenly interested in the special needs community and its population of diverse learners. This interest led Michael and his wife, Lori Boll, to open an innovative school in Shanghai (ShineAcademy.asia) for their son.

For more information about Michael, check out his website: www.michaelboll.me

2013 Building Learning

Coding for Kids

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Presenter: Chris Betcher
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Chris Betcher on G+

Presentation Title: Coding for Kids

Presentation Description: While not every student might want to write their own software, understanding the big ideas of coding is a skill that all students would benefit from, even the very young ones. Understanding the key ideas of computational thinking – identifying patterns, thinking algorithmically, manipulating data, solving real problems, etc – is an important step in helping our students build mastery over their world.
This presentation will take you on a guided tour through some of the resources available to your students to help them learn the principles of creating code. We’ll check out a range of desktop and iPad apps suitable for teaching very young students to program, through to tools and websites that can help your older students learn to hack code, and much more.

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Chris Betcher is an Australian technology educator with a passion for helping students master their digital world. He is the technology integrator at PLC Sydney, where he helps students and teachers use technology in meaningful and authentic ways. He has a curious mind, asks way too many questions, and likes to build cool stuff out of zeroes and ones. Connect with Chris at www.chrisbetcher.com.

2013 Leading Learning

Game Changing Apps

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Presenter: Brad Waid & Drew Minock
Location: Bloomfield Hills, MI USA
@techbradwaid  @techminock

Presentation Title: Game Changing Apps

Presentation Description: “Game Changing Apps!” With Brad Waid & Drew Minock

Hear about and learn about some great educational technology apps that will change the way we learn, teach and lead. Join us for some insight on a student engagement, teacher productivity and using augmented reality in education.

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