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2013 Outside Learning

Transforming your Classroom from the Outside In

Presenter: Janine Campbell
Location: Dorr, MI

Presentation Description: This presentation explores the following three ways to broaden the horizon of learning outside of the classroom walls: 1. Connecting and Collaborating, 2. Field Trips, 3. Guests. Through examples of each method, teachers will walk away with a variety of steps they can take to look for opportunities to bring outside learning into their classroom using both digital and traditional methods. The use of online tools to engage in outside learning like twitter, Skype, and Artsonia will be explained and specific examples of how those tools were used in the classroom will be shown. Student engagement will also be at the center of this presentation.

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  1. Wesley Fryer

    Thanks so much for sharing this presentation, Janine. I especially love the way you shared how you used Twitter to connect with another teacher and collaborate with the remixed student art project. The final project example, when you used pre-recorded video clips to ask questions to another teacher, is absolutely fantastic. Did you see another project that used that technique before, or is that just what you came up with? It seems like that could be a great model for interactive projects, especially since it gave you the video clips you could then share with every class you taught.

  2. Janine Campbell

    Thank you for the positive feedback. Collaboration is a wonderful way to connect students with other classrooms and give them authentic audiences for their work. The video responses at the end from Brandon Foy was something we decided to do because it would just not work out for us to do it live. It was a great result and I think I might prefer it because of the way it allowed for flexibility on both ends. You can read more about my classroom on our blog at http://www.bcwmsart.weebly.com.

  3. Susan van Gelder

    Thanks for a thoughtful presentation. I liked the many opportunities you give your students to interact with art and artists. Most of your students will not become professional artists, but all will be enriched throughout their lives by the way you have opened their eyes to the creative process.

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