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2013 Open Learning

Radically Learner-Centered: Badges at P2PU

Presenter: Vanessa Gennarelli
Location: Brooklyn, NY

Presentation Title: Radically Learner-Centered: Badges at P2PU

Presentation Description: How can your students use Badges in the classroom? P2PU has built a learner-centered platform for your classroom community to give feedback to each other and recognize skills.

Peer 2 Peer University has a different take on measurement: we see assessment and learning as one loop, with peers constantly giving feedback to each other and learning in that process.

As such, we’ve build a very different kind of assessment platform: our Badges enable feedback and conversations. This presentation will walk through our platform and present a use case in how Youth Voices Summer Program used Badges for learners to assess each other.
Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Vanessa Gennarelli is a qualitative researcher, learning designer and maker of things. She’s the Learning Lead for Peer 2 Peer University, a grassroots group leading experiments in how we learn online. She’s worked on innovative projects such as the Mechanical MOOC and Badges for Lifelong Learning. She holds a Master’s of Education from Harvard University and is a former Research Intern with the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. You can contact her directly at mozzadrella.me, @mozzadrella or vanessa@p2pu.org.


  1. Wesley Fryer

    I loved your presentation, Vanessa, and am so glad to learn about P2PU badges. I created a badging site in May using Credly and their free WordPress plugin, and have been considering different options for creating badges that could accompany the “Mapping Media to the Common Core” digital literacy and multimedia product framework I published a book on last summer. Do you know if any book authors have used P2PU badges, or if there are other “digital literacy” frameworks that are using P2PU badges?

    This is the Mapping Media site:

    This is the badging site I created with Credly:

  2. Vanessa Gennarelli

    Hi Wesley, thanks for watching and your nice comment!

    The closest thing to collaborative writing and digital literacy that I’ve seen is Pete Forsyth + Wikimedia’s badge.


    They asked folks to make 200 edits to Wikipedia, and significantly improve an article.

    I like this badge because it’s project-based and a pretty significant achievement. Also, folks who haven’t met the requirements got some thoughtful feedback from Pete and Sara, and they built a great community around their learnings.

    Please do let me know if you would like more assistance implementing your Badge on P2PU–I’m vanessa@p2pu.org

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