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2012 Kicking It Up a Notch

Teaching Art in a Technology Rich and Connected Classroom

Presenter: Tricia Fuglestad
Location: Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA
Twitter:   @fuglefun

Presentation Description: Integrating technology, web 2.0, and interactive tools in the art room gives students the opportunity to enhance their 21st-century learning skills, practice creative problem-solving, and develop higher-level thinking as they create art. Showcasing student work through online venues opens your art room doors to an authentic global audience, connect students with others in collaborations, and enriches learning for all. I will share stories and examples from my technology rich elementary art room and how our online connections have enthralled, enriched and engaged my students.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Please take a moment to look around my website/blog to see all the exciting ways my K-5 art students use technology for instruction, art production, and connecting with a global audience. We would love to hear from you!
Website/blog: http://drydenart.weebly.com/fugleblog.html
I also share my interactive lessons with tutorials on this wiki: http://artisinteractive.wikispaces.com/Artisinteractive
Watch and use our award-winning Fugleflicks (Student-Created, Art-Related) videos: http://fugleflicks.wikispaces.com/Fugleflick_Index
and Check out my Creating on iPads page full of handouts/tutorials: http://drydenart.weebly.com/creating-on-ipads.html


  1. Laura N.

    Your story is AMAZING! I really enjoyed your presentation and I am totally inspired to try some of your ideas.

    I am also an elective teacher (middle school orchestra). I feel like us elective teachers are considered by others as babysitters instead of educated instructors. Using technology to promote your children’s work clearly showed that the fine arts are just as important as math or English!


    ~Laura N.
    St. Louis, MO

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  7. Michelle L

    Wow! This is really incredible. I’m an older school Art teacher and am having to reapply for a full time position. I feel that my lack of technology SUPPLIES and opportunities has left me lacking as a potential hire. Your video is extremely inspiring, and I hope to have the opportunity to create a classroom that goes beyond its own walls. KUDOS to you!! Thank you for sharing!

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