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Computer Based Math

Presenter: David Wees
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Presentation Title: Computer Based Math

Presentation Description:

Computers in math education are typically seen as a tool for delivering content, assessing student understanding, or in some few cases, as a vehicle for exploration of mathematical ideas. Conrad Wolfram has suggested that computers could be used to replace the computation step of solving mathematical problems, so that students’ time could be freed up to learn the other aspects of mathematical problem solving.

This presentation is an attempt to explore the consequences of this idea, and to frame my opinion of the use of computers in mathematics education.

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Link to presentation’s supporting documents:


  1. Brette Lockyer

    Thanks for an engaging presentation David. I am wondering if many schools are revitalizing their mathematics curriculum documents with the ‘Real World’ in the centre, just as with your diagram.
    As an early childhood teacher we always start our maths investigations with what the kids know or notice about their own world and launch off these. We also honour and encourage different and personal methods of computation. New tools such as the iPad have enabled my students to represent their thinking in wonderful ways. Yet, my belief is that those outside my classroom expect me to be producing a group of little ‘maths technicians’. Sorry parents, school leaders, secondary teachers, I’m aiming at producing lovers of maths who are experiencing maths as a personal powerful and lifelong tool.

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  3. Kim Thomas

    Thanks so much for your thought-provoking presentation. We will be using your presentation as part of the PD in the Madison School District in Phoenix, AZ.
    Kim Thomas
    Madison School District

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