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2011 Announcements

Announcing 2011 Conference Keynote Speakers

The organizer team of the 2011 K-12 Online conference is pleased to announce our outstanding lineup of keynote speakers for this year! We are also happy to share our 2011 marketing flyer (available in PDF) which provides information about the dates of this year’s conference, our theme, and our keynoters. Selected presenters will be announced next week. Please share this marketing flyer with other educators you know!


The 2011 K-12 Online Conference theme is “Purposeful Play,” and this year our conference will be entirely asynchronous. This means we will not have any “live events,” but all presentations will be posted online for participants to view and comment on days and at times of their choosing. As in the past, all conference presentations will be available for online viewing as well as offline/mobile viewing via our iTunesU channel.

Our 2011 conference will start on Monday, November 21, 2011 with an inspiring pre-conference keynote by Angela Maiers. Angela blogs at www.angelamaiers.com.

Following Angela’s pre-conference keynote the week of November 21st, four different educators will share keynotes in the strands of our conference. Our 2011 keynote speakers are:

Next week we’ll be announcing our 36 selected presenters of the 2011 K-12 Online Conference, who will round out our strands with 9 more presentations per strand, for a total of ten presentations each. Overall this year we’ll have 41 presentations including the pre-conference keynote.

Our first “regular” conference week will be November 29 – December 2, and week 2 of the conference will be December 5 – 9.

In addition to sharing this announcement about our exciting lineup of keynote speakers, I also want to give a word of thanks for our WONDERFUL organizer team this year for K-12 Online. Our organizers in 2011 include:

This year I’m convening “Team Captains.” This group of organizers is a super bunch to work with, and their hard work is appreciated.

Look for some upcoming changes to our websites and conference procedures this year as well. We’re working on simplifying things. It’s going to be a GREAT K-12 Online Conference in 2011.

Many thanks to Naomi Harm for designing and creating our conference marketing flyer this year.

K12Online 2011: Purposeful Play


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