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2010-Week in the Classroom

Web Conferencing – Can We Chat?

Presenter: Kim Caise
Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA
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Presentation Title: Web Conferencing – Can We Chat?

Presentation Description: Web conferencing refers to a meeting, presentation or gathering online using a web platform and web cam. As a former campus instructional technologist, I conducted several web conferences with students. I adapted the tag line from Joan Rivers who was known for saying, “Can we talk?” and changed it to can we “˜chat’. Web conferencing includes chatting, the use of web cams, and a variety of other resources and tools that can be incorporated to enhance the web conference.

This presentation includes resources, tools and ideas for ways you can implement web conferencing with your students. The resources shared will help make your web conference sessions meaningful and easier to manage. There are many educators that use this strategy to connect with educators around the world. Don’t be afraid to jump in and use web conferencing with your students.

Research shows when students perform for an audience larger than their teacher and peers, the quality of the work produced is higher and the learning that occurs as a result is richer. Web conferencing is a way to expose your students to a larger audience and expand their horizons. Web conferencing allows you to bring world cultures into your classroom or go on a virtual field trip without ever leaving your classroom. Knock down the walls and bring the world to your students – one web conference at a time.

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  1. Eileen

    Web Conferencing is a great way to share ideas and expand mind. With today’s technology it is truly a gift for students to be able to learn and share with people from different parts of the world. I truly believe this system is a great way to keep kids interested in persuing education/keeping their interest in how the rest of the world really is not the far from reach

  2. Danielle Robb

    Every time I watch a video that has to do with web conferencing I think to myself, “Wow! I really want to do this in my classroom.” The activity that I would most like to do with my class is jeopardy. I could picture my classroom and another second grade classroom competing against each other. At my school, all of the second grade teachers plan together so the material on jeopardy would have been covered in both classrooms. I would also be interested in learning more about online field trips. I would have to explore what is out there to find one that would be beneficial for my students. This has been very helpful and motivating!!

  3. Katie

    The wealth of educational/technological links and resources provided throughout this presentation were extremely valuable and I have bookmarked several of the websites to use in my teaching.

  4. Victoria C

    Web conferencing with another classroom or author would be so wonderful. I love the opportunity for students to read their writing to more students and to hear more writing. The more students are able to hear and discuss, the better they get.
    I am going to be looking into virtual field trips. I teach kindergarten students and we only go on one planned field trip. I would love to share other places with them.
    Skype is also a great tool. My class was able to talk to an Army captain, serving in Iraq. This was such a wonderful experience!

  5. Claudia R

    I’m grateful that I have taken the Skype class because I have an amazing camera that would work well for web conferencing. I really liked the idea of a Jeopardy game being played by two classes. One of the other ideas I thought would be a poetry sharing contest. I also would like to try a “Guess who” game where students would share synonyms or antonyms of a word and the other group would have to find the word in the thesaurus. There was a ton of information on this video and it made it very easy to do some research on these sites by having them all linked on one page.

  6. Diana Maloney

    I would like to try web conferencing with another classroom with my kinder kiddos. This would be a very meaningful way to learn about other cultures. I also liked the site on Virtual Field Trips. My students just finished up a unit on National Symbols and it would be great to be able to tour some of these.

  7. Sara

    I enjoyed the video. I feel that the virtual field trips would be wonderful for my kinders! I also enjoyed the multi-class conferences!

  8. Crystal

    What I liked about this video was that the students went on virtual field trips. I would like to use this for my class because with the budget the students could go on more field trips and not have to pay. I also liked how they had split screens.

  9. Katie

    I liked the pre and post activites. Loved sharing work with other grade levels. Also liked the virtual field trips. I could dig that!

  10. Pam Tucker

    Going over the equipment needed was helpful. Seeing how skype may be useful in different ways was fun for the students and I will try this in the future. The electronic field trips looked like a success. I will try this site. Student interviews with experts on specific subjects was very interesting.

  11. Lisa B

    I like the idea of web conferencing. I believe that my children will like doing this especially being able to conference with other students in other classrooms.

  12. Ashley B

    This presentation has given me a lot of ideas! I am especially interested in checking out the Around the World in 80 days site- I think it would be so eye-opening to kids here who have never left the state. I also think that the Jeopardy between classes is a great idea. I was thinking about ways to make test prep for standardized testing more fun and engaging, and this looks like a great way to do it. The virtual field trips also seem to be a great way to introduce different non-fiction topics to the class. I’m looking forward to exploring the resources.

  13. KB

    would love to work w/another classroom/ I teach preschool (age 3) but as the song says I need to prepare them for the future! Also can’t wait to check out virtual Field trips.

  14. Diane

    This has my mind thinking about all kinds of possibilities. I’m looking forward to learning more about skype in schools and the virtual field trips.

  15. Thia Lutich

    This was the first time that I was introduced to the concept of two classrooms conferencing together. I thought this was really impressive because they were doing an actual lesson that allowed them to compete with each other and each student was engaged.

  16. Candace Garcia

    Web conferencing is a great way to meet and connect with other classrooms in your school district or around the world. The one activity that I would like to implement into my classroom is the online jeopardy competitions. This is an engaging way to check for understanding. Having all students participating and helping out their teammate keeps all the students accountable. I also enjoyed learning about the electronic field trips. The pre and post activities that support the field trip are great additional resources.

  17. Jenny Davey

    Having earned a webcam from the district last year, I have only put it to use a handful of times so far. This gave the push needed to get me motivated again. Thank you!

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