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Ways of Working

Presenter: Chris Betcher
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Link to presenter’s K12Online Ning Profile page

Presentation Title: Ways of Working

Presentation Description: This presentation explores a range of ideas that teachers could use to make a real-world task richer and more meaningful for their students. Using a large public art event as the focus, it looks at a number of ideas for enriching student learning with technology… ideas that could be modified and applied to nearly any learning context.

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Link to presentation’s supporting documents:
Ways of Working

Additional Information:
Further links and resources to support this presentation can be found at Chris’ wiki – Ways of Working

Subscribe to Chris’s blog at http://www.betchablog.com, or follow via Twitter on http://www.twitter.com/betchaboy


  1. Marita Thomson

    Very snappy presentation and immediately relevant to teachers across faculties and stages. A good call to make use of the technology lying dormant around us at school and on field trips (and in kids & teachers pockets). Good one.

  2. Jenny Power

    Thanks Chris,
    Just watched your presentation as I begin to get my head ready to return to school. You’ve got me thinking about using the RSS feed and related tools, for events like the Winter Olympics and The Children’s Book Awards. I’ll be back to check the links again.
    Thanks again.
    Jenny Power

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