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2009 2009-Week in the Classroom

Nurturing the 21st Century History Teacher

Presenter: Tom Daccord
Location: chestnut Hill, MA, USA
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Presentation Title: Nurturing the 21st Century History Teacher

Presentation Description: Emerging technologies, a globalized world, and fiscal restraints demand innovative approaches to education. This session explores new research about 21st century teaching strategies and professional development and shares models, resources, and examples to help social studies teachers effectively integrate technology and address needed skills.

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  1. mrscj

    I didn’t feel nurtured by this. I saw some neat implementation of technology for current events. Otherwise, the only history application was the day in the life of a hobo project. So where is the fundamental change in how technology will change teaching history? I love to implement tech tools, but when I have to share 3 computer labs with a campus of over 3000 students and a few mobile computer carts, what ends up happening is a few tech projects here and there. Go to any workplace, the employees don’t have to “sign-up” to use technology…they have dedicated resources. The 11th graders on our campus were all issued laptops for a 1:1 history program and the district created “canned” online/moodle curriculum for them. So it’s death by powerpoint with your own personal view screen. So until there is a true 1:1 situation where administrators trust teachers to use those resources responsibly, then I don’t see much opportunity for change.

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