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2009 2009-Week in the Classroom

Around the World with Skype

Presenter: Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano
Location: Jacksonville, FL, USA
Link to presenter’s K12Online Ning Profile page

Presentation Title: Around the World with Skype

Presentation Description: Are you ready to get started with Skype? In this presentation you will see and hear what kind of hardware and software you will need, get step by step instructions to set up for your first call. Find out strategies and discover projects to join as well as links and resources how to find and contact more partners. You will hear advice from real teachers on how to prepare your class for successful Skype connections, help your students learn, document, reflect, and many more ideas how to open up your classroom to the world.

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Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Skype: langwitches


  1. Silvia Tolisano

    1.Please share some of the benefits you have observed with your students as you are making connections around the world with skype.
    2.What are some of the obstacles you have faced AND overcome in connecting your class to a global community via video conference ?
    3. How are you connecting and integrating authentic learning via these global connections to your curriculum?

  2. Gail Desler


    Thank you for providing such a comprehensive, clear introduction to powerful classroom uses of Skype, including tips on what can go wrong. I’m looking forward to sharing your video and links with teachers and administrators in my district.

  3. Jo-Anne Gibson

    Thank you for an in-depth look at Skyping in the classroom. I’m trying to get a group of teacher-librarians from Manitoba, Canada interested in using Skype at a presentation in February. Would it be okay with you if I showed them your presentation. I particularly like the examples you give.


  4. Silvia Tolisano

    You are more than welcome to use the presentation for your group of teachers. That is the reason for K12Online… to disseminate and reach as many educators as possible.
    All presentations are licensed under Creative Commons, which means you are allowed and encouraged to use, disseminate, share and even re-mix with new content as long as you give credit to the original creator. Keep in touch to let me know how your presentation went.

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  14. Derick Jones

    I checked the video file. This is awesome stuff. Skype can truly bring the entire world into a classroom. All the resources you provide are wonderful. Great tips and expert advice. Thank you.

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