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The Heroic Journey Project

Presenter: Kevin Hodgson
Location: Northampton, Massachusetts, USA
Link to presenter’s K12Online Ning Profile page

Presentation Title: The Heroic Journey Project

Presentation Description: This presentation highlights the use of Google Maps and Google Earth (and Picasa photo)to create a fictional “Heroic Journey” story. The unit is tied to literature (The Odyssey, The Lightning Thief), writing (creating an original story with episodes of adventure) and technology (integrating online tools into the classroom). The presentation includes some sample student work from sixth graders but I encourage you to follow the links to the website where the student journeys are posted.

DotSub Video Presentation Link

Blip m4v direct link (video file)
Blip mp3 direct link (audio file)

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
I encourage you to spend a little time on a journey with my students. We have created a Google Sites where all of the student work is located, including the KML Google Earth files.

The Heroic Journey Website

If you need more depth in what was shown students as they moved into Google Maps and Earth, go to this presentation that walks students through the process.

Project Overview

Thanks for being part of the K12 Online Conference. Good luck on your own journeys.

Kevin Hodgson
Twitter: @dogtrax
Blog: Kevin’s Meandering Mind


  1. LCTaseva

    I thought that this was just a super idea and can’t wait to borrow it and tweak it for my own fifth grade students as we study geography and fairy tales from around the world. Thanks for sharing.

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