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2009 2009-Week in the Classroom

WEEK IN THE CLASSROOM KEYNOTEA Peek for a Week – Inside a Kiwi Junior Classroom

Presenter: Rachel Boyd
Location: Nelson, New Zealand
Twitter: @rachelboyd

Presentation Title: A Peek for a Week – Inside a Kiwi Junior Classroom

Presentation Description:
A peek for a week inside a kiwi junior classroom of 6 year olds. Come and see what we get up to in our classroom learning during a week using a variety of online and web2 tools.

Please note that due to this presentation also being visual it is best viewed with audio AND visuals in movie format.


DotSub Video Presentation Link

Blip m4v direct link (video file)
Blip mp3 direct link (audio file)

Additional Information:
Rachel Boyd Wiki
NZ EduBlabberings blog
Room 9 Nelson Central 2009 blog
Room 9 Nelson Central Wiki


  1. Karen

    Thanks for sharing your classroom! I really enjoyed learning how y’all (Can you tell I’m from Texas?) learn each day. I plan to share your sites with my teachers!

  2. Heather Davis

    Wow, I am so inspired…. I teach Year 4 in Beijing and you have given me a bunch of great ideas.

    A couple of questions –

    1) how long does it take you to manage all of this every week?

    2) how do I find the movement videos you were showing on YouTube. It is blocked here in China but I do have a proxy and can download and convert so would love to use what I saw.

    Again, thanks for the inspiration.


  3. Kim T.

    WOW just doesn’t cover my thoughts after watching your video! Luckily I have two monitors so I could watch, stop, check out your blog, wiki and the great resources you shared. Do me one favor…please tell your students I said they are very lucky to have you as their teacher! Thanks!!!
    Kim in Arizona

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  5. Julia DeWaal

    After viewing this video I feel like I am teaching in a prehistoric classroom. I am so WOWed by your innovation, creativity and forward thinking that combines to make such a powerful learning environment for your students. I am completely inspired!

  6. Dawn

    Amazing classroom. I want to come to New Zealand and be in your classroom. 🙂 🙂 I am a Pre-Service Student Teacher at a College in Oklahoma, USA. I am taking a technology 4 teachers class and watching your video is one of our assignments. Thanks for sharing your classroom and students with our classes here!

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  11. Ben Winter

    Amazing presentation of how you use technology in your classroom. I’m a teacher of year 3 children (7-9) and am on the journey of incorporating blogs and wikis. I was amazed by how technology is woven into your school day and how your class are readily using these technologies. I reallly liked how you use the wiki as a simplified launchpad for the web. Would love to visit…

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  13. Derick Jones

    How great that you use technology as a tool in helping students understand better. I was awestruck when I saw the video. This is precisely how children should learn. I also think that how to videos and online training sessions can help them immensely.

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