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Moogpal in Action

Presenter: Chris Fitzgerald Walsh
Location: Walnut Creek, California, USA
Link to presenter’s K12Online Ning Profile page

Presentation Title: Moogpal in Action

Presentation Description: What do you get when you cross Moodle with Google Apps with Drupal? Moogpal! This presentation provides a preview of the development work currently underway by New Tech Network of high schools to integrate these free and open source tools to personalize learning, improve communication, and spur collaboration. The video includes an overview of why we chose these tools, their unique characteristics, and shows early mock-ups of how we plan to use them across our nationwide network of 40 high schools.

DotSub Video Presentation Link

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Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
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  1. Alan Hudson

    Hi, I really enjoyed the video, both content and style – very informative and very engaging.

    I love the idea of combining apps in this way, I often find myself using an App which would be really great if only it included a function which I have in another App. What I am interested in is how much work and how technicla is the work to combine the apps you are using in Moogpal? I have a programming background but would still be concerned about the time needed. It would also be great to get my Masters students involved in designing and building packages like Moogpal but again some are not programmers and their time on a module or project is limited. Can you give me some idea of the technical expertise needed and the time? – Alan H

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