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Digiteens: Digital Citizenship by Digital Teenagers

Presenter: Vicki Davis and Westwood Schools Students
Location: Camilla, Georgia, USA
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Presentation Title: Digiteens: Digital Citizenship by Digital Teenagers

Presentation Description: Much of digital citizenship education focuses on adults compiling information to share with students, this method provides a framework for students to conduct authentic research with global partners on the aspects of digital citizenship and creation of action projects at their schools. This presentation’s goal is to: 1) demonstrate the efficacy of a project based approach to digital citizenship education, 2) provide insight into teen-mentoring of younger students, 3) effective coaching practices for teachers and educators wishing to encourage a project based learning approach to digital citizenship, 4) an overview of the aspects of digital citizenship salient to teenagers around the world and what they think the message of educators should be to their students, and 5) a concrete experience allowing students who have thoroughly researched this topic to share their thoughts with a global audience and engage in global discussion on this.

This is a compilation of student views, research, and beliefs as it relates to digital topics and how these should be taught in schools.

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Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Digiteen Project: a Flat Classroom project.

The information in this presentation refers to the following Digiteen Projects:
Digiteen 2007
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Vicki Davis,
Cool Cat Teacher Blog @coolcatteacher

Digiteen Action Projects
http://supersocialsafety.blogspot.com @socialsafety


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  2. Dennis Richards

    Your projects as always learner focused, Vicki. Congratulations to you for keeping them front and center.

    Thanks to you and the students for producing, participating and creating this useful collection of reminders of guidelines for Digital Citizenship, Safety and Success.

  3. Vicki Davis

    Thank you so much, Dennis, for your constant encouragement and support for “flattening” the classroom – the students and teachers who are allowed to participate in these global collaborative projects give us a glimpse of what we CAN do when we unite. When I say allowed, so many schools will not allow their teachers to reach outside their walls for fear that “something” will happen — well, “something” does happen and it is powerful and wonderful as these students show!

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