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2009 Announcements

Announcing K12 Online 2009 Presenters

Since 2006, the K-12 Online Conference has provided outstanding opportunities for free, collaborative, accessible professional learning for educators around the globe. The 2009 conference promises to again provide more exemplary learning opportunities in the same spirit of collaboration and sharing! The learning will begin with a pre-conference keynote during the week of November 30, 2009. We again invite presenters to submit “teaser trailers“ for their presentations in advance of the conference.

This year’s fantastic line up of keynote presenters will create an inviting and welcoming introduction in which the sharing of ideas among diverse learners working in diverse contexts continues. Our distinguished keynote speakers will not only extend the conversations, but also invite each of us to stretch and grow as they share their expertise and wisdom in their respective strands. See our post from June 24th for more information about keynote speakers in each of our 2009 strands.

The presentations accompanying the keynotes for each strand have been selected in 2009 through the collaborative work of a review committee composed of conference conveners and strand keynote speakers. The selection process was challenging as the quality of proposals was again outstanding. We thank everyone who submitted a proposal. Due to some changes in the procedures our presenters  will follow this year in uploading / sharing their video files, we were able to select more presentations in each strand. More details about those procedures will follow soon. We are elated to announce the K12 Online 2009 presenters whose creativity, depth of thought, and innovation promise to make K12 Online 2009 exemplary.

The presenters by strand are:

WEEK 1: December 7-11, 2009

Getting Started (13 presentations)

Joyce Kasman Valenza
Erdenheim, PA, USA

Using E-Books to provide a motivation for writing
Colin Hill
Southport, UK

Options for Building Your Teacher Website
Cyndi Danner-Kuhn
Manhattan, KS, USA

Orientation into Second Life: Methods and Processes for Introducing New Users to the Use and Controls in 3D Worlds.
Deborah Butler & Alan Hudson
www.sllondon.com & www.londonmet.ac.uk
London, UK

Using Web 2.0 tools to teach The Outsiders
Drew Buddie
Rickmansworth, Herts, England

Keeping the Literacy in 21st Century Literacies
Drew Schrader
Bloomington, IN, USA

Instructional Strategies That Work with Videoconferencing: Increasing Interactivity
Janine Lim
Berrien Springs, MI USA

If You Host It They Will Come
Jennifer Wagner
Wildomar, CA, USA

Google SketchUp Unleashed
Joseph J. Bires
Trenton, NJ, USA

Building on Analog Success with 2.0 Technology
Kelley Connolly
Chestnut Hill, MA  USA

Little Kids, Big Possiblities
Kelly Hines
Washington, NC, USA

The iPod Touch in the Classroom
Kern Kelley
Newport, ME, USA

Bridging History Using Web 2.0 Tools
Robin Beaver
Rosemont, PA, USA

Leading the Change (13 presentations – 14 originally, but 1 cancelled)

Konrad Glogowski
Ontario, Canada

Just a Touch of Leadership – Using the iPod touch & Web 2.0 to Enhance School Leadership
Andy Crozier & Mike Amante
Cedar Rapids, IA, USA & New Hartford, NY, USA

Organizational Learning and Technology Collide
Ben Grey
Elgin, IL, USA

LAN: Learning Is Social!
Bryan Hughes
North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Moogpal in Action
Chris Walsh
Walnut Creek, CA, USA

You Might be a 21st Century Leader if…
David Wells
Montpelier, Vermont, USA

Slippery Rocks and Hard Places: Twelve Bridges and Learning Matters
Dennis Richards
Andover, MA, USA

Whither Eportfolios
Drew Buddie
Rickmansworth, Herts, England

21st Century Learning Plato’s way
Gail Dyer
gaildyer.edublogs.org & www.belmoresouthpublicschool.edublogs.org
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Probing the Possibilities of Paperless Pedagogy
Jason Neiffer
Helena, Montana, USA

Learning Confluence: Where Philosophy Meets Practice in the 21st Century
Julie Lindsay
Beijing, China

Digital Empowerment: How Bytes Affect Us (CANCELLED)
Minhaaj Rehman
Umea, Sweden

Building a Web 2.0 Culture
Paul Curtis
Napa, California, USA

Digiteens: Digital Citizenship from Digital Teenagers
Vicki Davis
Camilla, Georgia, USA

Embracing Web 2.0 as an Administrator
William Carozza
Deerfield, NH, USA

WEEK 2: December 14-17, 2009

Week in the Classroom (13 presentations)

Rachel Boyd
Nelson, New Zealand

To Those Who Want to Rock – Don’t Suppose Compose!
Carol Broos and Carol Vrotny
www.carolbroos.com; www.beatechie.com; musictechie.pbworks.com; grasslakemusicteacher.edublogs.org
Gurnee, IL, USA and Northbrook, IL, USA

Ways of Working: How students can leverage Web 2.0 tools to their own advantage
Chris Betcher
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Blogging and communicative competences in the EFL class
Cristina Arnau Vilà
Barcelona, Spain

The Digital Writers’ Workshop
Jackie Gerstein
Santa Fe, NM, USA

Living History – Authentic Learning Empowered by Digital Technology
Jane Ross

Competencias Artisticas En La Plástica
Josu Garro
Bilbao, Bizkaia, España

Keith Kelley
Newport, ME, USA

Steal this Preso:  Copyrights, Fair Use, and Pirates in the Classroom
Mathew Needleman
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Algunas aplicaciones para trabajar la competencia comunicativa linguistica y audiovisual
Pilar Soro
Tarragona, España

Show & Tell : Exhibit, Reflect & Critique with blogs
Sarah Sutter
Lisbon Falls, Maine, USA

Around the World with Skype (English version) & Alrededor del Mundo con Skype (Spanish Version)
Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano
Jacksonville, FL, USA

Nurturing the 21st Century History Teacher: Research and Examples
Tom Daccord
edtechteacher.org; besthistorysites.net; thwt.org; tewt.org
Chestnut Hill, MA, USA

Inside the Global Collaborative Debate: Eracism (a Flat Classroom Project)
Vicki Davis
Camilla, Georgia USA

Kicking It Up a Notch (12 presentations – 14 originally, 2 cancelled)

Diego Leal

Engaging Our Youngest Minds: Integrating the Internet in Primary Classrooms
Angela Maiers
Clive, Iowa, USA

Unlikely Coordinates? Geocaching Across the Curriculum
Beth Ritter-Guth
Lakeville, CT, USA

Googlios: When Google Apps Meet ePortfolios & PLNs
G. Alex Ambrose
www.galexambrose.com & www.edvibes.blogspot.com
South Bend, IN, USA

Telling the World: Flat Classroom Student Summit in Practice
Julie Lindsay
Beijing, China

The Virtual Heroic Journey
Kevin Hodgson
Leeds, Massachusetts, USA

Remixing in the Classroom: Engagement for History Students
Neil Stephenson
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Using computer games to enhance learning and social interaction
Ollie Bray
Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Parallel Play or Collaboration–Leveraging the Wiki Platform for High Quality Work
Paula White
Greenwood, VA, USA

Media Literacy in the 21st Century School through Online Interactive Integrated Curriculum Maps (CANCELLED)
Rhys Daunic
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Using VideoAnt Annotations to Provide “Audience-Based” Assessment to Students’ Video Productions
Richard Beach
Minneapolis, MN, US

Prezi in the classroom (cancelled)
Rob Cheshire
Austin, Texas, USA

OpenSim: Open Learning
Timothy Hart
Orono, ME, USA

Thriving in a Collaborative Web 2.0 Classroom: The “Great Debate” and “Student News Action Network”
Tom Daccord
edtechteacher.org; besthistorysites.net; thwt.org; tewt.org
Chestnut Hill, MA, USA


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    I see some wonderful presenters here from my twitter PLN. Very exciting! It would be helpful to know what’s applicable for elementary, HS, or both. Thanks!

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  5. Audrey Nay

    The collection of presenters and their topics looks awesome!

    I, too, would really appreciate knowing which ones apply most meaningfully to primary/elementary classes.

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  15. Cathy Nelson

    OK, I found the badge on Wes’s blog. There needs to be a media/advocacy link or something somewhere we can grab logos (that are licensed appropriately) for our blogs. Maybe a header image, a badge with badge instructions, and other pertinent info/images. What do you say?

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