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Inside K12Online Episode01: Presentation Length Change for 2008

Welcome to episode 1 of the K-12 Online Conference News podcast channel! In 2008 we are going to record short, approximately ten minute discussions following our meetings as conveners to address issues, changes, and other questions which come up regarding the K-12 Online Conference. In this episode, we discuss the length changes for presentations in the 2008 conference. Please share your feedback and questions as comments to this post!

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  1. Cindy Seibel

    As someone who just wrote a 2-page (dble-spaced) article review of a 30-page article, I can attest to how your thinking is honed when you’re forced to condense. And as a writer/presenter, you personally learn from the experience as well.

    Thinking through what is REALLY important abut the piece coalesces your messages into a clear and succinct story.

    Kudos to the organizing team for this direction!

  2. Michael Pauling

    It took me a month to get through all the video for the 2007 conference. I like the longer audio only presentations now that I finally bought a i-pod. In fact I just re-listened to 2 of them yesterday.

  3. Peggy George

    I think this decision is a great one for all of the reasons you explained in your podcast. Bandwidth issues, size of downloads, time it takes both to upload (conveners) and download (participants) and time to listen to everything. I think this will enable us to listen to more of the presentations while they are current, and we’ll be able to be more active contributors to the conversation. I hope you’ll keep the weekly conversations with as many of the presenters who can attend–that is a really valuable experience. Really looking forward to this year’s conference!

  4. Kevin Hodgson

    Thanks for the podcast overview of the process and thinking behind the curtain. It is helpful and insightful, and I do hope you continue to share out the expectations and possibilities for everyone.


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